10 Habits You Need To Give Up If You Want To Be Productive

It’s worthwhile to examine your work ethics to uncover any nonproductive habits you may have picked up along the way.

1. Late Night TV Viewing

Most of us think that watching TV is relaxing. However, the light projected into your eyes stimulates brain activity. Consequently you delay sleep. For a better sleep, shut it off a couple of hours before your delegated sleep time. A longer and better sleep will boost productivity as well as supporting positivity.

2. Social Networking

Nothing can siphon off time like social networking. It can become an addiction if we’re not careful to relegate a limited amount of our focus to it. When networking is under control, you’ll find more energy for the more important tasks

3. Skipping Work-Outs

Even a brief work-out can contribute productivity to your day by getting your blood moving and clearing your head. Particularly for those in sedentary work, physical activity can be an important part of the day that will leave you healthier and more productive

4. Juggling

We may consider multitasking a virtue, but multitasking slows productivity as well as quality of results. Some tasks will suffer. If possible, try “uni-tasking”. You may find that things get done faster and easier

5. Demanding Perfection

Focusing on tiny details and over-analyzing everything slows production, leaving you exhausted. It’s okay to be detail-oriented and apply yourself to the task, just as long as you’re not wasting time.[the_ad id=”1390″

6. Going with the Flow

Sometimes “going with the flow” can become fatalistic. When it comes to managing your work, you don’t want to leave things to fate. “Plan your work. Then, work your plan.” Set some goals and work toward them

7. Trying to be Gung-ho All Day

Instead of squeezing every minute out of a busy day, try scheduling the bulk of your workload during the time of day when you know you’re most alert and focused

8. Flying Solo

Doing everything yourself is not wise or economical. It pays to delegate small tasks that need doing but can be done by someone else. Then you’re not taking precious time away from the tasks that only you can do

9. Procrastinating

You may feel the need to give yourself more time to finish certain tasks in a way that will achieve the best possible results. But, there are times when postponement can lead to procrastination and that leads to decreased productivity

10. Allowing Negativity and Stress to Take Over

Avoid stress at all costs and try not to allow the tasks at hand to escalate into negative and stressful situations. Cope with stress so that it doesn’t steal your joy and things will get done with effortless ease.

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