Things You Might Be Doing Because of Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues that people face, with almost one-third of the population experiencing it and having it disrupt their daily life-activities. With this said, it’s sad to say that anxiety is also a poorly-understood mental health condition.Furthermore, even healthy individuals do not understand that some of the reactions and behaviors are caused by anxiety. In this article, we review 11 things that you might not realize that you are doing because of anxiety.

Getting Up Early Even When You’re Still Tired

Anxiety is linked to some sleep loss, there’s no escaping that. You will find it difficult to fall asleep, and even if you do, you will find it hard to stay asleep. The thoughts of the events that played out throughout the day you just had needs to be digested and contemplated over, so much that you will wake up early with worries already popping up in your mind early in the day. You need to get your tasks done on time and get your worries sorted out, so eventually, you just get used to waking up early after your anxiety starts acting up in the morning.

Being Unable to Get Out of Bed

On really bad days, you might find that you are unable to do anything other than staying in your bed and cry. There is too much going on and your mind cannot cope, and you will need to take a few days off just so that your mind and body can truly take a break. You might not realize it, but anxiety has a huge effect on your health, and should not be brushed off as something minor. It’s more harmful than you might realize, and you need to understand the impact that anxiety can have on you, to truly start taking actions to deal with it.

Comparing Your Success to Other People’s

So what if you haven’t achieved something lately? You just need to simply scroll down your Facebook News Feed to see your peers landing their dream jobs and getting a new car, settling in at a new place. Their achievements can easily overpower yours, and even if you did not want to compare your own achievement and success with that of others, your anxiety usually wins and you cannot do anything but to give in. You start worrying if you will ever be as successful as your peers are and if you are going to achieve your dreams and goals at all.

Berating Yourself for Your Past Mistakes

Sometimes, a simple mistake is all it takes to ruin your entire day or even your whole week. If it has bigger effects, such as making mistakes at work, you will find your mistakes consuming your thoughts more than an average person. Yes, you try to do your best all the time, but anxiety can get you really down when you catch yourself doing something that you shouldn’t have or failed at doing something you planned to do.

The Word ‘Future’ and its Associated Thoughts Trigger You

You never know what your future plans are, and you are terribly worried about your future. Hearing people asking you about your future plans or having to experience the doubts of stepping into the next stages of your life can be daunting and fearful for you, even if your peers find it exciting to graduate from university and college. You feel as if you are not good enough when people start discussing their future plans since you are unable to discuss this matter with them.

Obsess Over Minor Details

Other people would not obsess over the short conversation that you had with them two weeks ago, but you would. You might find yourself repeatedly thinking about how your employer was talking to you or how your friend has not texted back, wondering if you have done anything wrong or if you have upset them. These are small things that will not matter to most people, but these same things are the ones that will consume your mind entirely.

Replaying Conversations in Your Mind

God forbid you ever have a confrontation because that will worsen your anxiety. Even if your conversation partner might think that it was a nice chatting session, you will continue replaying the conversation in your mind long after it was over. You will constantly think that you have said something wrong in that conversation, and this can be annoying even for you. Anxiety eats at you from the inside, and you will need to repeatedly remind yourself that this worry is very likely perfectly fine and it was just your anxiety talking.

Fearing the Worst in Every Scenario

You will never stop worrying that something absolutely terrible is going to happen. You will find yourself envisioning the worst possible scenario on the next road trip or your first date – getting into traffic accidents, getting rejected, and many other negative scenarios. At times, you start getting sick at these thoughts, and you start feeling even more terrified that something is actually wrong with you. These worries are endless, and the list is far longer than anyone else might imagine. These fears are irrational to others, but you know very well that these are real fears that you cannot run from.

Thinking that it’s Your Fault When You Don’t Get Immediate Replies

No matter who it is that you are texting, you will blame yourself for your lack of skills in communication if your texting partner does not respond to your texts. They could just be busy or did not see your message immediately, but you are constantly worried that it is your fault – something that you said or did, perhaps you made them upset but you did not notice, the list goes on. It could just be your texting partner is terrible at replying to texting, forgetting to reply or too distracted to remember to reply back, but those things are not what you will focus on.

Saying ‘No’ to Invites when You Wanted to Say ‘Yes’

There are times when you find yourself being hyped up for a social outing or an event, but anxiety works in such a way that you will find yourself backing out at the last minute. You start feeling nervous and want to refrain from being a burden to anyone, so the best choice is not to go even if you initially wanted to.

Worrying More When People Get Concerned About You

It’s normal for your peers and family members to get worried about you when you have anxiety. This is to be expected for most people and it could be something helpful and welcomed for them, but that does not mean the same for you. While they may have the best intentions, you will start seeing their worries as a sign that you need to worry even more for yourself, causing you to experience even more anxiety and have more negative thoughts in your mind.

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