A cup of Joe is always a great way to start the day, it gets you in the right frame (of body and mind) to dive into the day and make it productive. Like most things, coffee is great but has its downside – Jitters.

Why the jitters?

When you take a cup of coffee, what it does is to stimulate brain activity (enhancing memory, increasing the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine), spike up blood pressure (which leads to increased heartbeat) and pump you up with the hormone adrenaline which puts you on a flight-to-flight response, which translates to an increase in physical performance (by up to 10% or more).

This is what just a cup of coffee can do, meaning that as you take more cups, this effect multiplies, leading to nervousness, restlessness, anxiety, edginess, sweating, mental discomfort, and jitters. Therefore, the jitters you feel is because of caffeine intoxication. This intoxication differs for individuals based on their caffeine sensitivity, but more than 5 cups of coffee a day, is way too much for your body and can result in jitters which isn’t an enjoyable experience.

Does caffeine intoxication have other side effects?

Yes. Apart from jitters, there are several side effects that result from an overload of caffeine through the coffee intake. Some of them include insomnia (inability to Sleep), constant urination (or inability to control urine), stomach upset, fast heartbeat, muscle tremors. Excessive intake may also trigger a heart attack.

The dopamine rush that coffee triggers are addictive, therefore you keep craving for more coffee and downing more than one cup daily. Since you have become so used to Coffee and the physical performance it increases, but have to cut down (or even completely stop) intake, let’s look at other options available to help you achieve the same effect without jitters.

The alternatives…

We will be sharing 3 alternatives to Coffee that would eliminate the jitters experience, but still give you the same rush that comes with drinking a cup of Joe. The 3 alternatives are:

  • Tea
  • Exercise
  • Supplements

3 Alternatives to Coffee Jitters 1TEA

Tea, especially those from the Camellia Sinensis plant (green tea, black tea, white tea) are great alternatives for coffee, they contain caffeine too, did you know? A tea bag contains about 55mg of caffeine about half of what a cup of coffee contains. It also contains Theobromine, a substance which has anti-anxiety properties (anxiolytic) that enhances a sense of calm. With tea, the caffeine effect is slow compared to the instant rush that coffee gives. Tea also hydrates your body and has other health benefits you will enjoy from its consumption.


3 Alternatives to Coffee Jitters 2Have you noticed that after a run, walk or jog, your energy levels are elevated? Exercise has the potential to pump you up like caffeine does; therefore it’s a completely beneficial alternative. Even 10 minutes stair-climbing can pump you up as much as 50mg of caffeine would. The next time you feel an urge for coffee, do short bouts of cardiovascular exercise, you will feel your heart racing and a speedup of mental activities, memory retention, and retrieval.

Exercise wakes you up like coffee would and is great not just for that, but also for the many health benefits that come with it. Its effect lasts longer than caffeine and spans beyond performance to include fitness, function, mood, brain activity, behavior and general well-being. Caffeine does a great job of boosting performance, but your body is also capable of giving you a “safe high” via exercise. Exercise is a better option because it is good all the way and jitters are off it.


Adrafinil, focus, memory, wakefulness, antiaging centralSurprised? Dietary supplements may be very common, but there are also products manufactured to serve as supplements (by their effect) for coffee.  They are taken by mouth as a pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid. Whether they are of natural or synthetic origin, supplements are great alternatives for coffee.With supplements like Adrafinil, that enhances cognition and promotes focus, you can enjoy the wake-up effect (that coffee is so well-known for), without fear of jitters. Adrafinil as a supplement promotes alertness, wakefulness, mood, attention and physical performance. It reduces fatigue and boosts energy. When taken orally, the Adrafinil affect kicks in between 45 to 60 minutes, without the risk of jitters.

The rush, aroma, and taste, makes coffee irresistibly addictive, but when you consider the jitters, you will realize it’s time to cut down the intake. It will be a struggle no doubt, there will be withdrawal effects like fatigue, irritability, headaches, difficulty focusing etc, but with these alternatives, it shouldn’t be impossible.

As you gradually make the effort to take it easy on the cup of Joe, remember to take a lot of water, sleep and exercise. Our supplement Adrafinil is also something you should try. It’s a very affordable alternative. Let us know what you think, by sending us a message. We will be glad to walk with you on this journey.

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