5 Steps to a Happier 2017Was 2016 a happy or unhappy year for you? If 2016 was an unhappy year and you do not want your unhappiness to follow you into the New Year, know that you have the power to bring on a change in your mood, attitude, and spirit. You can make the year 2017 and the subsequent years after that livelier and uplifting. How?  Follow these 5 steps to a happier 2017:

1.    Learn to Live in the Moment

When you bring up the past, you forget to enjoy the present. If you plague your mind with thoughts of “what if?,” you become responsible for that smile disappearing. Instead, learn to take satisfaction in the smallest things. Be happy with what you have achieved in the present. View the past as a lesson for you not to repeat the same mistakes again and be in the present.

2.    Learn to Live without Expectations

Expectations can kill your happiness, especially if they are unrealistic. When your expectations remain unfulfilled, your smile turns into a frown and you find yourself buried in your own thoughts. It can very well lead to depression. For this reason, you need to stop making unrealistic expectations that you know will never come true.

3.    Learn the Value of Good Relationships

You may have several friends, but you will only have one friend that will be there for you through thick and thin. You need to value the relationship you have with them instead of focusing your efforts on making friends that are with you for a reason. Spend time with friends and family who make you feel happy. Remember, a good laugh with an old friend can alleviate the pressures of life. Appreciate them and value those friendships!

4.    Learn to be Grateful with What You Have

Being jealous of others who have things you want creates resentment and unhappiness. Be happy for others instead of feeling resentful. Be grateful for what you have and you will feel happier.

5.    Learn to Forgive and Forget

Allowing yourself to feel unhappy because of what others have done to you is living in the past and can take a toll on your happiness. Learn to forgive and forget and to move forward with life.

Train yourself to do all these things and you will find yourself feeling happier in 2017. Remember to think positive thoughts which lead to positive vibes which leads to a positive life!

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