5 Ways Krill Oil Trumps Ordinary Fish Oil

Step Over Fish Oil

That’s right, step over fish oil, because there’s a new fishy oil becoming popular – krill oil! And it’s becoming more popular for good reason. It has so many benefits, it may even trump fish pill.Omega-3 fatty acids, what krill and fish oil contain, are essential for optimal functioning of the heart, brain and body. Research has shown that omega-3s can help prevent heart disease and other serious conditions. This is why millions of people around the world take fish oil supplements daily to get their omega-3s. But krill oil also contains omega-3s and might be a better way to get the benefits you need.

Krill oil comes from a tiny shrimp-like sea creature, called krill. They live in ice Antarctic water and are found in large numbers. They are a rich source of the omega-3 fatty acid long chains, EPA and DHA. Krill oil also contains astaxanthin, which is an antioxidant, as well as the nutrient, choline.

Here are 5 reasons why krill oil trumps fish oil:

  1. No more fishy burps or aftertaste that you get with fish oil.

People report that with krill oil, you don’t get that gross fish-like aftertaste. Krill oil comes in smaller softgels than fish oil usually does, which makes them easier to swallow.

  1. It’s bioavailable

Bioavailability is a term that refers to how well a supplement will enter your system once ingested. Krill oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that are attached to phospholipids instead of triglycerides (like in fish oils). This means that the body absorbs more of the omega-3 than you would with fish oil.

  1. It’s stable

As mentioned, krill oil contains an antioxidant called astaxanthin. This helps avoid spoiling on your shelf and once in your stomach too. Bonus: this antioxidant protects cells, organs, and body tissues from free radicals.

  1. It’s pure

Krill oil contains no detectable mercury and other toxins that can be found in fish oil. Krill exists at the very bottom of the food chain, and feeds on phytoplankton instead of fish which contain mercury. In addition, krill comes from the cleanest ocean – the Antarctic, and therefore is the cleanest and purest source of omega-3.

  1. It’s sustainable

There are tons of krill in the ocean. In fact, krill has the largest biomass in the world. Less than 1% of krill in the ocean actually get harvested every year. The krill population is closely monitored and vessels that harvest krill must comply with strict krill sustainability criteria to ensure they are not overfished.

Krill oil has so many health benefits! Here are a few:

  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Reduces inflammation and may prevent arthritis
  • Enhances neurological development in newborns
  • Eases PMS symptoms
  • Has anti-depressive effects
  • May improve gastric health

So what are you waiting for!? Try Krill Oil today and get all these amazing benefits.


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