On the other hand we’re told to eat better, more veggies, less carbs, and just eat less.  Some weight loss solutions have a strict diet regimen to follow while some tantalize us with claims of fat burning foods.  Really now, how can food burn fat?  I’m tempted to insert an LOL here.

Well there is some truth to the advice that losing weight and staying slimmer is connected to the many things that you do each day that help you promote your weight loss, and here are 5 you may never have thought of:
1.  Write Down What You EatWrite Down What You Eat
This is like the budget advice that’s often given to help us cut back on some of the foolish little nothings we spend our money on each day.  The idea is if you have to record EVERYTHING, not only will the inconvenience make you think twice but at the end of the day you have the information you need to motivate yourself to do better tomorrow.
Eat less is the mantra of those chasing their own biggest loser goals but how do you do that exactly?  Do you really have to measure out each and every ingredient in your meal?  Furthermore, what do you do when you eat out?  One trick is to set a simple rule for yourself to just eat 3 bites less and you’re guaranteed to reduce your intake by a portion that won’t make you feel deprived.
3.  Watch One Hour Less Of TVWatch One Hour Less Of TV
This goes hand in hand with getting more exercize but again if you set up a simple rule it may be easier to find the will.  Try setting a time when you turn the TV (or laptop) on and off each day and reducing that more and more.  Use the time to extend your daily walk, or clean something thoroughly that normally you might put off such as the car, the bathroom, or the shed.
4. Sniff An Apple, A Banana, Or A Peppermint

Sniff An Apple, A Banana, Or A Peppermint


This sounds bizare, but I’m so happy I found this piece of information because its simple and it makes sense in a strange kind of way.  When Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., Neurological Director of Smell and Taste Treatement and Research in Chicago tried this with 3000 volunteers, he found that the more frequently people sniffed the less hungry they were, the more weight they lost (average of 30 pounds each).  We might surmize that sniffing food tricks the body into thinking that we’re actually eating it!
5.  Stare At The Color BlueStare At The Color Blue
Blue functions as an appetite suppressant.  There are not many fast food restaurants branded in blue and its for a good reason.  Stay away from those pretty blue dishes, paint over your blue kitchen and replace those blue kitchen drapes or blinds.
Sulbutiamine acts as an appetite suppressant and is used by many to help manage their eating urges throughout the day.  In addition to being a nootropic that aids in memory and learning, this supplement has the added benefit of diminishing your cravings and leading to weight loss.
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Tell Us Your Unusual Tricks To Lose Weight!  We Want To Hear From You And Ask You To Start Or Join In The Conversation About Weight Loss.



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