What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a nootropic supplement that is used for it’s attention-promoting qualities and is known to be a mild stimulant. Adrafinil was developed in France by Louis Lafon Laboratories, and is a unique agent that has behavioral-activating effects without the undesirable side effects of other stimulants.

Adrafinil is related to a group of nootropics called Eugregorics which are known for causing a mental arousal. Eugregorics are known for promoting wakefulness, mental performance, reducing depression and increasing energy without the usual highs and lows that come from traditional stimulants of the amphetamine class. Adrafinil leads to a natural feeling of being awake without disrupting sleep patterns or becoming physiologically addictive.

Like many other stimulants, though, Adrafinil and other Eugeroics are known to banish procrastination, improve memory focus and recall and are used by many to achieve the extra edge in their career, stay alert and vigilant for long shifts of work that require concentration, banish jet lag and prolong stamina and motivation for exercise. For these reasons, Adrafinil is popular with people from all walks of life, from those performing shift work or intensive military and enforcement duties to airline pilots, executives, writers and body builders.

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Who Takes Adrafinil?

You might be wondering if the only people taking Adrafinil are college students looking for something better than caffeine.  While it is true that many students supplement their college life with nootropics, other people are benefitting from Adrafinil’s properties as well.

Night shift workers like those whose attention to their task is critical such as truck drivers, and airline pilots, rely on eugeroics, like Adrafinil, to perform their job safely.  Most noticable and well documented, it is well known that soldiers and other military service personell have used Eugeroics.

Executives and white collar workers have been known to buy Adrafinil to get the extra edge at work, combat chronic fatigue or drive their productivity up.  It has been reported from many users that any demanding tasks will get your unending attentiion without any hesitation and you will have the motivation and mental stamina to move through task after task with ease

How to Buy Adrafinil Safely

A COA (Certificate of Analysis) is the best way to know if your product is pure. It is very important to visit an online store that can easily provide a Certificate of Analysis when you ask for it.  The COA or Certificate of Analysis is a third-party laboratory analysis of the substance batch to ensure that the drug is really what it says on the label and/or that it does not contain potentially harmful contaminants. Furthermore, Adrafinil is an unregulated in the United States and the quality of the compound with a GMP manufacturing facility to encapsulate and bottle the product is critical for quality control.

Look for products that were manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility. Knowing that the products were manufactured following GMP assures you that the process for producing the product was designed to minimize the risks involved in the pharmaceutical production that could not be eliminated through testing the final product.

AntiAgingCentral.com manufactures their Adrafinil powder right in the USA, in a laboratory in Wisconsin and all Adrafinil capsules are manufactured in a GMP facility. Purity and quality are guaranteed.

Adrafinil is a potent nootropic supplement proven to enhance cognition in healthy individuals.  It is non-toxic, and has few side effects when used as recommended.

Main Benefits of Adrafinil

  • Activates a strong motivational effect.
  • Improves focus and vigilance.
  • Enhances cognition and problem solving abilities.
  • Stimulates greater energy and stamina.
  • Produces noticeable mental focus and attention.
  • Improves sense of well-being and lifts mood.
  • Boosts motivation and reaction time.
  • Lacks the negative effects caused by other stimulants.
  • Most potent nootropic supplement available without a prescription.

Why does Adrafinil have few side effects?

The lack of side effects when using Adrafinil is thought to be due to its selective stimulation of the brains adrenergic receptors (Proteins which are sensitized to specific chemical compounds). Adrafinil is unique in that it is focused on stimulating the neurotransmitters related to focus and attention, while other stimulants are more broad in their reach.

Common Side Effects

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Dry Mouth

Less Common Side Effects

  • Chest Pain
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Easy Bruising
  • Vommitting
  • Hallucinations – unusual behaviors


Modafinil/Adrafinil can both combine with stimulants and act synergistically and this should be a concern if you are taking either.  If you take any kind of substance or medication that increases your heart rate or blood pressure, you should not combine any of those with Adrafinil.

There is evidence that modafinil can make some types of birth control less effective. It is unclear if Adrafinil carries this same effect however it is likely to have a similar action.


Adrafinil is broken down in the liver to produce the active ingredient Modafinil, however, it puts a gradual strain on the liver and is said to raise enzymes in the liver. It is very important to consult a health professional if you already have some kind of liver condition and make sure that you do not worsen this condition. Most people will take a liver test as directed by their doctor before starting an adrafinil regimen.

The effects of adrafinil and its effects on the liver are highly exaggerated online. For example, Adrafinil has a similar toxicity profile to Tylenol.  A person with a healthy liver should not be worried about adrafinil if they take it while following recommended usage instructions and precautions, such as cycling the usage.

Always follow the advice of your health care professional and you can avoid any complications down the road.

Adrafinil Dosage

To promote wakefulness and enhance concentration, take one 300mg capsule in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast.  Adrafinil works best when taken orally on an empty stomach. It may take 60 minutes for noticeable effects to occur, longer when taken after or shortly before eating.

Adrafinil is soluble in ethanol. Do not use if you are pregnant/breastfeeding. Do NOT use if you have liver problems. Consult a doctor prior to using.

Remember, a daily doseage of Adrafinil consits of one, but no more than two capsules per day, depending on the condition that is being treated.   We recommend that you consult a doctor before starting any Adrafinil regimen.

Tolerance / Withdrawal

Adrafinil carry much less risk of addiction than other stimulants, however, it’s use must be monitored very closely and precautions taken such as cycling 3 weeks on and 1 week off.  It domapinergic effects are a very clear indication that caution must be used so it is very important to take this fact into consideration.

Adrafinil carries less euphoriant properties than amphetamines and has a smaller abuse potential but caution is still advised.  If used with caution and if it is cycled as recommended there is rather very small chance that any type of addiction will occur.

Taking adrafinil frequently can increase or build your tolerance. This is more likely if used frequently for a long period of time and cycling can help eliminate this problem.

Note of Warning for the use of Adrafinil

Constant use of Adrafinil for an extended period of time should be predicated by a liver enzyme blood test to attain a baseline and consequently biannual liver enzyme blood tests to make sure that your chances of raising your liver enzyme levels is next to none.

Why is Adrafinil Important

One of the most important aspects of Adrafinil is that, while the active ingredient is Modafinil, it is available in the US without a prescprition. It has been shoun to benefit a wide array of maladies or improve many aspects of the mind, for example, it increases memory retention, can provide focus and attention, it enhances task performance, even improve mental acuity.

Students have found that Adrafinil is the most safe and effective nootropic to get an extra boost of both confidence and motivation in the classrooms, where so much pressure and demanding work load are given.  In addition, employees who experience mental or physical fatigue during the day have found that Adrafinil is a readily available option that is safe and effective.

However, as of today, this novel nootropic Adrafinil has yet to be approved and may never be approved by the FDA.  It is currently unregulated, legal to possess and can be imported into the United States without a prescription. for personal use. Furthermore, Adrafinil can be produced in the United States for retail and wholesale sale.

Why is Adrafinil Unregulated in the United States?

Since Lafon Labs decided to develop and produce a new drug called Modafinil, which could be patented and could be administered to be consumed by the body directly, it gave up it’s effort to patent Adrafinil. Therefore, Olmifon, the brand name for Adrafinil, fell to the way side. They then decided to produce and gain a patent and approval for Modafinil from the FDA.

Since the United States didn’t waste their time approving Adrafinil, the first unique nootropic, they skipped right to Modafinil.  Modafinil itself, the replacement for Adrafinil, is approved by the FDA for treatment of many different sleep disorders.   Those with these health conditions have serious daytime sleepiness.  To our advantage, The FDA did not restrict Adrafinil, since the second compound was quickly brought to market as Modafinil and became restricted and protected as a prescription drug by the FDA in the United States.  For this reason, Adrafinil is not restricted in the United States and can be consumed and sold without a prescription or restrictions.

History of OLMIFON, the original trade name for ADRAFINIL

OLMIFON, the original trade name for Adrafinil, was created by a French company and marketed as a pharmacological agent to promote vigilance, alertness, attention, wakefulness, mood and other parameters especially for seniors.  While benefting seniors with certain sleep related health conditions, it was increasing in popularity and used off-label by people who wanted to decrease fatigue, especially night shift workers.  These people had no health conditions but needed to stay awake for long periods of time and at night during their regular shifts.  Once Olmifon was discontinued, and after Modafinil was introduced into the market as a prescription drug, many users known as “researchers” started using this compound as a nootropic agent.

A word of caution to users, unless it is completely necessary for health or work related reasons, try to not take Adrafinil late in evening or before going to bed since it will potentially interfere with your sleep. It is recommended to take adrafinil first thing as you wake up in the morning and then if needed another capsule at noon but not recommended for evenings.  Effects will be felt on a typical user about one hour after consumption and it can last up to 4 to 6 hours.

Adrafinil has been known to raise exploratory behavior and alertness in animals, according to a study by Siwak in 2000.  It’s most admirable effect was that it significantly improved speed of learning and decreased the number of mistakes when performing a mental task. Furthermore, the study found that the nocturnal activity of the rhesus monkey was increased by twice or four times and they where more active while awake during the night and more astonishingly, the monkeys did not show signs of sedation or even sluggishness once the Adrafinil was taken away.

As a caution, most popular form of consumption is by capsules or powder but either way, no more than 400 mg per day is recommended and should be taken and used for research purposes only.  This product must be cycled and one option is to use it for 3 weeks and one week is off this product, typically called cycling the usage.

How does Adrafinil work?

According to a publication by J. Duteil et al in 1979, it was shown that Adrafinil, or the active pharmacologial agent Modafinil, affect special receptors in the brain called postsynaptic receptors.  Since adrafinil works directly on those receptors that are known to control both alertness and wakefulness, it was also shown that it does not interfere with other brain function, it is targeted and it has been a very successful treatment. Surprisingly, it was also shown that since it is by direct action, the stimulation was achieved not having to raise neither blood pressure nor heart rate.  Since our ability to stay alert and awake is diminished as we either age or become ill with disease, Adrafinil acts to prevent the lack of alertness and sleepiness.  In fact, this novel product, is most outstanding in its method of action, especially action on alertness.

What is all the hype about this new discovery called Adrafinil

In this brave new world, where competition is fierce, the search for a safer, more effective alternative to non-addictive, prescription drugs is the way of the new generation.  Adrafinil has become the reality for the once popular limitless drug only seen in the movies.  Adrafinil is safe, non-addictive, non-prescription and an anti-depressant. One complete package.  This new generation of drugs is from the category of Eugregorics, which means “good arousal”.

Properties of Adrafinil

Following are the main properties of a Eugregoric Substance:

  • It improves short term memory.
  • It improves attention and concentration.
  • It enhances clarity and mental acuity.
  • It helps to normalize sleep patterns without sedation.
  • It lessens mental and physical fatigue.
  • It supports a higher level of self awareness.
  • It improves motivation and mood.
  • It supports a feeling of well being and positive outlook.

These above mentioned properties are almost always experienced by most elderly or people with health conditions. Adrafinil is the only nootropic in the market today without a prescription that can provide all the above mentioned benefits.

Adrafinil is restorative in its ability to support alertness during waking hours and helps to have a good night sleep.  In so doing, the consequence is prevention of brain aging. Adrafinil can address the following symptons:

  • Ongoing physical and mental fatigue.
  • Loss of motivation and initiative.
  • Increase in motor activity.
  • Improve mood for social interactions.
  • Elevates mental acuity or helps with lack of ambition.
  • Helps with memory loss issues and improves mental tasks performance.

Improvement of Attitude with Novel Nootropic Adrafinil

Adrafinil may improve one’s general attitude in the following areas:

  • Absent-mindedness turns to concentration and focus.
  • Irritability turns to tranquility and expectation.
  • Social anxiety turns to positive outlook.
  • Introverts can turn to social extroverts.
  • Shy people can turn more expressive.
  • Sedentary people turn more active and motivated.
  • Sluggish people turn more productive.

The above properties are produced by a dopaminergic action instead of amphetamine action therefore there is no reason to form an addiction.  The effects of Adrafinil are both safe and effective and are generally used to delay mental decline during the early stages.

Who uses Adrafinil?

  • Shift Workers
  • Soldiers
  • Fighter Pilots and Commercial Pilots
  • Computer enthusiasts and Geeks
  • Artists and Writers
  • Students and Teachers
  • Executives

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Adrafinil Research

  1. Adrafinil: A Novel Vigilance Promoting Agent

Summary: Adrafinil has positive effect on motivation and vigilance. It is neuroprotective and reduces daytime sleepiness without lowering sleep quality.  READ FULL ARTICLE

  1. Cognitive Enhancing Effects of Modafinil in Healthy Volunteers

Summary: Adrafinil is a prodrug for Modafinil. This means that it’s converted to Modafinil in the body, which is the biologically active agent.  A test was conducted with 60 healthy volunteers and the study found that Modafinil significantly enhanced cognitive performance and time required to complete test questions designed to test memory and attention.  READ FULL ARTICLE

  1. Effects of Modafinil on Non-verbal Cognition, Task Enjoyment, and creative thinking in healthy volunteers.

Summary: Adrafinil is a prodrug for Modafinil, the active agent that enhances cognitive function. It was found that Modafinil actually enhances many aspects of highly demanding cognitive functions in healthy individuals that were not sleep deprived.  READ FULL ARTICLE

  1. Modafinil Improves Cognition and Response Inhibition in ADHD Patients

Summary: Adrafinil/Modafinil has shown to improve neuropsychological task performance in ADHD patients.  While previous studies showed that Modafinil improves cognition in healthy volunteers, it was also found that Modafinil improves cognitive function in adults suffering from ADHD very much like it does in healthy adults.  Improvements were seen on tests for short-term memory, spatial planning and visual memory.  READ FULL ARTICLE

  1.  Successful Treatment of Insomnia

Summary: Adrafinil/Modafinil improves daytime wakefulness without producing peripheric side effects, disrupting the quality of night-time sleep, or causing dependence. READ FULL ARTICLE.

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