Baldness causes men to feel less masculine. But, baldness is not just a male problem. Many women are losing their hair at an alarming rate. It causes them grief and a lack of self-confidence.

Loose Women’s Andrea McLean admitted, “I feel less womanly”, speaking about her thinning hair. Her co-host, Nadia Sawalha, 52, said she also suffered from baldness. Nadia had revealed her hair loss to her fans in an online video, explaining that her beautiful, curly hair was fake.
Andrea Mclean was not only sympathetic, but related that she suffers from similar symptoms, at 47 years of age. Her hair is thinning on top so that she has extensions in it.

“Mine started thinning in my early forties,” she confessed, “I actually spray it. I put make-up on it to cover it.”

“I Won’t Take It Lying Down!”

‘It makes you feel less womanly, and I decided that I won’t take it lying down!’

Nadia’s clip was replayed, showing her fresh out of the shower, welling up about her hair loss. “I used to have the most amazing hair. It was my crowning glory. It was my favourite thing about myself,” she cried in the video, “I feel really sad and old.”

“You’d never know it,” Anne Diamond reassured her, insisting her thinning hair was not noticeable.

Male Pattern Baldness

“I’ve lost about a third of my hair – my hair does not like this normally,” said Nadia, regarding her full-looking locks. “I’ve got male pattern baldness!” She revealed that she has been diagnosed with the balding gene.

Anne, 62, acknowledged that she too had alopecia, while Gloria, 77, once was on a prescription drug that had made her hair fall out.

Pregnancy Can Cause Hair Loss

Nadia said, “My hair really started to change after I had my kids. I lost a lot like a lot of new mums do but it started to change a lot, the texture. . . having gone from naturally curly hair. It would go frizzy.”

Perimenopause Can Cause Hair Loss

“But when I started going through Perimenopause (the start of transition towards menopause) I think I lost a third of my hair.” Nadia went on to say, “People always say my hair is so thick and amazing. I’m losing it all over. It sounds awful saying it as people lose all of their hair to alopecia or cancer treatment but it doesn’t make it any easier, the fact that I’m losing my hair.”

Nadia said that she knew that all mums lose some hair when they’re pregnant, but that she noticed more and more hair starting to come out. Eventually, she went to a specialist in London. After looking at her scalp through a massive magnifying glass, he told her that she had the balding gene. It wasn’t just aging that was causing the hair loss.

‘It’s just devastating. I’m really, really worried about it. I do define myself by my hair’, she told her fellow panelists

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