Blast the Competition with Smart Drugs

The doping scandal that has hit the athletics world could be an indication that we live in a time when rivals go to extremes to gain the advantage over each other. Whether it’s acing an exam or winning a contract, if using performance-enhancing drugs will give them the edge, many are going for it. When the pressure’s on and extreme results are demanded, extreme measures are being taken.

It’s easy to see why drugs like Ritalin, Adrafinil and Modafinil have become so popular. Smart drugs like these can make us more attentive, focused and awake. To excel in today’s workplace, the key is the ability to make decisions under pressure. It’s imperative to be attentive, resilient and also able to read people.

Students Lead in Smart Drug Use

A 2015 survey of 5,000 workers at a German health insurance company estimated that 6.7% were using drugs to enhance their performance or cope with anxiety, up from 4.7% in 2009. Researchers estimate that 10%-15% of students worldwide use cognitive enhancers including Ritalin, Adrafinil and Modafinil.

Typically, there are three reasons university students and academics give for using cognitive enhancers:

  • To Gain the Competitive Edge
  • Overcome Insufficient Sleep or Jet Lag
  • Increase Work-Related Motivation

Smart Drugs help students maintain and sustain concentration, memory, planning and problem solving. Additionally, Adrafinil enhances task-related motivation. (When one is interested in their task, it definitely helps them to want to persevere.)

However, this applies to more than performance at everyday work. For doctors, air-traffic controllers, and soldiers, cognitive enhancement may be a lifesaver. In cases where a doctor who has been deprived of sufficient sleep is required to function accurately under pressure, smart drugs can work wonders.

Other Options to Stimulate the Brain

A non-invasive brain stimulation device called “Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation” uses electrodes placed on the scalp to introduce a low electrical current to the brain. It’s possible that this technology accelerates the learning process and video gamers use it to bring up their game.

Still, if this sort of procedure doesn’t appeal to you, there is an alternative low-tech method. —Exercise! Not only does exercise improve mood, health and cognition, but it actually stimulates the production of new brain cells.

Although using cognitive enhancers illegitimately, such as Ritalin, can be dangerous, some students feel it’s the only way to keep up. It’s important to promote brain health for lots of reasons. Now, there’s a milder, faster and more effective way to rev up those brain waves.

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