Blurry Vision? It May be Cataracts

Greatest Cause of Blindness

The leading cause of visual impairment in the US is age-related cataracts. It’s estimated that, by 2020, 30.1 million Americans will be affected by them. But, there are steps to take to slow down the progression of cataract formation.

What is a Cataract?

Inside the eye, there is a transparent lens. When crystallins (water soluble structural proteins) randomly clump together, they form a cloudy haze inside this lens. That is called a cataract. As the cataract grows, it cuts off and scatters some of the light that normally passes through the lens, causing images to become fuzzy. Colours can become distorted and annoying halos may appear around objects.

5 Tips to Slow Down Cataract Formation

  1. Regular Eye Exams

Dr. Mark Ballif of Utah Eye Centers says, “Cataracts can significantly change vision at any age, but we see the majority of patients with cataracts in people over the age of 40.” Injury, medications, genetics and overexposure to UV light can increase the formation of cataracts. An annual dilated eye exam will assess the progression so that treatment can be suggested.

  1. Healthy Diet

Studies show that healthy eating can help slow the progress of cataracts. Antioxidants are especially effective. By simply adding more dark, leafy greens and berries to your diet, you can get sufficient antioxidants to make a difference.

  1. Quit Smoking

Here is yet another reason for you to quit smoking. Cigarette smoke increases the risk of developing cataracts. Smoking also causes other eye diseases. Studies suggest that smokers develop cataracts and macular degeneration much earlier than non-smokers. By quitting, you can cut down your risks three-fold.

Dr. Ballif said, “We recommend for better eye health to see your primary care provider to help you stop smoking.”

  1. Wear UVA Sunglasses

Always remember to wear protective sunglasses while outside in the sun. Sun radiation plays a big role in cataract formation. Dr. Ballif has this to say,

“We typically see earlier cataract formation in people that have prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB radiation from the sun. It is also very important to wear sunglasses that have a high UVA/UVB protection rating. Wearing sunglasses is by far the single most important way that people can decrease early cataract formation.”

  1. Control Blood Sugar

Elevated blood sugar can affect the eye lens. When blood sugar is high, it can cause the lens to swell, resulting in blurred vision. And high blood sugar can lead to a high risk of cataracts. To decrease cataract growth, keep your blood sugar level under control.

It is possible to slow down the rate at which cataracts progress. If you can implement these five suggestions, you’ll not only lower the risk of cataracts, but your overall health will also improve.

Giving your eyes sufficient rest is also important. Don’t forget to look away from your computer screen as often as possible. NAC Eye Drops are another natural way to sooth and support eye health.

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