[ultimate-reviews ]Can Sex Increase Life Expectancy?

For those of us who want to “live long and prosper”, the key may be found in bed. We’ve discovered one more reason to indulge in that intimate expression of love called sex. Longevity. That’s right, more sex equals a longer life. We’re not saying, the more sex you have, the longer you’ll live. But, sorta.

Let’s put it this way, it sure doesn’t hurt. And it helps in ways we have yet to consider. Like, for instance, sex releases various hormones in the body. And, that’s a good thing. Sufficient hormones mean more happiness, less depression, better sleep, less anxiety, more energy, you get the picture. It also dispels loneliness by increasing bonding. And, humans are social creatures.

Therefore, the benefits of staying sexually active are physical, mental, social and stress-relieving. Where else can you find so many natural benefits without taking drugs or alcohol?

Here are the scientific facts: Real Age books says that frequent orgasms (about 100 per year)  can increase life expectancy by 3 to 8 years. Furthermore, research has shown that men who enjoy a high frequency of orgasms cut their mortality risk in half. So, in a sense, we can say, “More sex, longer life”, can’t we? And, you could also say it adds value to your life. And it’s not just the sex. Come on, guys.

Don’t Forget the Cuddling

In order for mammals to thrive, they need to be touched. In fact, babies (and animals) who are deprived of physical touching and cuddling can become weak, sickly and develop more slowly than their counterparts who get touched. Though we’re not quite sure how it works, we know that it’s a form of communication that creates bonds. Bonds equal security and mental health. It dispels that solitary feeling of struggling to survive and relaxes the anxiety that goes with it. As a result, touching can lengthen longevity.

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Self-esteem, which is vital for survival and quality of life, is increased with frequent touching. Bodily contact is one way humans communicate worth to each other. Touch itself releases hormones and other substances. This may be one reason why we love to get a massage. The masseuse is doing more than relaxing the muscles. The physical stimulus of touch has the same effect as relaxation or meditation.

Sex and the Senior

Although there isn’t much available data on the sexual habits of the elderly, Viagra sales are indicative of an interest in sex among older adults. Particularly on leaving the workforce, seniors have more time for relaxation and intimacy than they did in busier days. And, since sex is proven to slow the aging process, what better activity is there?

However, there may be other factors to consider as we age. To help maintain an active sex life, here are some suggestions:

  • Try to be as honest with your partner about your needs and desires as possible.
  • If problems arise, get professional help.
  • Maintain an exercise regimen to support your libido.
  • Maintain a healthy blood pressure rate.
  • Keep an eye on your weight.

The Exercise and Sex Connection

People over sixty who frequently participate in exercise report that they enjoy an equal amount of sex as those who are decades younger.

Swimming Works Wonders for the Libido

In one particular study, researchers examined the sexual frequency of 60-year old swimmers. They discovered that their ratings were the same as people 20 years younger than them. In conclusion, if one exercises consistently, their biological (and sexual) age tends to be much younger than their chronological age.

In other studies, both males and females who were in better physical condition rated their performance sexually to be higher than those less fit. Although these results could be because of an increase in confidence due to body image, it could also be due to better blood flow and circulation with physical exercise.

What Exactly is Life Expectancy?

If you were born in 2006, you are expected to live about 77.5 years. However, life expectancy changes depending on age and gender. In other words, the year you were born makes a difference. Basically, life expectancy is the average lifespan that a person is estimated to live. These figures are collected by national health systems as well as by projecting current mortality stats.

Current life expectancy in the US is 77.5 years. When someone dies at 18 years of age, they have potentially lost 59.5 years. However, when a person dies at 70 years old, they will only lose 7.5 years. By avoiding some of the common causes of death at a young age, like car accidents, your odds of growing older increase. In addition, your life expectancy increases as you age. In effect, every year you stay alive means that you have dodged all kinds of causes of
death. For example, if you were born in 1949, at that time, the life expectancy was 68 years. However, since you didn’t pass on, your life expectancy now increases. An average 65-year old is estimated to live on for another 18 years. Bonus.

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But, what if you’ve already made it to 75? By virtue of staying alive, you have increased the odds so that your life expectancy has now reached 86.8 years. Bingo! You gained 3.4 years of longevity. Good for you. In effect, the average 75-year old will live for 9.3 additional years. Can you do the math? It’s statistical calculating.

Male Vs Female

It’s a common fact that men die younger than women and that the male gender therefore brings down the average life expectancy. If you are an average 65-year old woman right now, you can expect to live for 19.8 more years until 84.8 years old. Then, if you make it to your 75 th Birthday, you can expect an additional 12.6 years, bringing the total up to 87.6 years.

If you’re a man of 75 years of age, you can expect to live on for another 10.5 years to a total of 85.5 years of age. So say the statistics. However, with lots of good exercise, a healthy diet and frequent sex, nobody’s saying you can’t beat the odds.