Which Celebrity does America Think Best Represents Healthy Aging?

Do you think Helen Mirren represents the ideal image of healthy aging? Or Meryl Streep? Or are you on team Diane Keaton? Which celebrity does America think best represents healthy aging? Read on to find out. Parade Magazine/Cleveland Clinic conducted a survey on healthy aging and over 3000 people responded to the survey.

Here are some of the interesting results:

  • 38% would like to turn back time to age 25, if they could.
  • 82% believe they will age healthier and live longer than their parents.
  • Many are staying healthy by exercising and playing brain games to “defeat age”
  • 35% of Americans consider Helen Mirren a “healthy aging celebrity role model”
  • 20% give their vote to Meryl Streep and 14% to Diane Keaton

Check out some more of the results from Parade Magazine:


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