There are so many different nootropic available for reducing anxiety and helping you focus that it can be difficult to decide which one to use. So, one should always talk to a qualified health care professional first to help you select the right nootropic for you.

Here is a brief information on what to look for when deciding which racetam to take.

Beginners should keep it simple, slow and safe. Know what each ingredient of racetam does and analyse how it is affecting your body. Always start with a mild and safe racetam like Piracetam, which is the oldest of the racetams and comparatively, the safest.

2. If racetams alone aren’t working well for you, then you may add a vasodilator like Vinpocetine or Picamilon to your stack. Picamilon is a combination of niacin, a potent vasodilator; and GABA, a neurotransmitter.

Picamilon works by rapidly crossing the blood-brain barrier where it is split into its two main components – GABA and niacin. GABA is then free to bind to receptors and produce an anxiolytic effect. Niacin decreases cerebral blood vessels tone and causes vasodilation which increases blood flow and circulation in the brain. A combined action of these two nutrients improves the functional state of the brain. Picamilon usually starts to work within an hour and its effects last between 4-6 hours.

When taking nootropics, take special care of your diet because most nootropics alter acetylcholine, therefore making it necessary to increase the intake of choline rich food like eggs and meat. Alternatively, you can add a choline supplement like Centrophenoxine  to your stack.


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