How to Cope with Hair Loss

100 Hairs a Day

Concerned about hair loss? In case you were wondering, it’s perfectly normal to shed up to 100 hairs in a day. If your hair is quite long, that may look like enough to make a floor mat. Not to worry. It doesn’t mean you’re going bald. In fact, even if there are more than 100 hairs that have come loose, it may only be a temporary condition resulting from stress, poor diet or pregnancy.

Even if your hair has started thinning, there’s lots of help available.

Over the past ten years, the number of women with hair loss problems has doubled, according to Elizabeth Steel, founder of the support group “Hairline International”.

Marked Increase Among Younger Women

There has been an increase of hair loss in women between 18 and 40. Common events such as bereavement, pregnancy or moving home can lead to temporary hair loss. However, where a more serious problem exists, you may want to look into the possible cause of your hair fall.

Health Expressed through Hair

When nutrient levels are starting to wane, it will be expressed through your hair. To make sure your hair follicles are sufficiently nourished, your scalp needs to be surrounded by a rich supply of blood. Your scalp loves zinc, selenium, calcium sodium and potassium.

The reason why pregnancy is a common cause of hair loss is because the body which has been delivering nutrition to the baby for nine months, needs to be replenished. New moms may also experience tooth loss.[the_ad id=”953″]

Modern Living

These days, many women are experiencing stress levels to those of men. Yo-yo dieting, the contraceptive pill, chemicals in the water and pesticides in food could also be a part of the problem. Diets that avoid red meat may be responsible for an iron deficiency and vegetarians can be prone to hair loss if they are lacking B12 and zinc in their diet.

Thinning hair is also linked to progestogens – the synthetic form of progesterone in the Pill and hormone replacement therapy.

Some Hair Loss Myths:

  • Hair loss is inherited from the male parent.
  • Female hair loss causes abnormal menstrual cycle.
  • Hair dye, hair spray and washing hair increases hair loss.
  • Hair loss only happens to women over 50.


  • Both parents genes contribute to hair loss.
  • Menstruation is not affected by hair loss.
  • Hair styling and dying does not cause hair loss.
  • Fifty per cent of women from 18 to 40 will experience hair loss.

Besides changing your diet, avoiding toxins and drinking lots of water, there are other measures to take to improve your head of hair.

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