Yesterday, we shared 5 facts about ADHD that help you to understand the challenges of having this brain disorder. You can check out that post here and check out this post we wrote a couple months ago on ADHD as well.

Today’s post is all about coping strategies for ADHD – how to stay focused, organized, and remember more, even when it can be frustrating to do so!

ADHD coping strategies

  1. Use a large calendar/daily planner/calendar app: This will help you remember appointments and deadlines. Get into the habit of adding in all the dates your planner/calendar once a week to get yourself organized. Setting up scheduled reminders on your phone can be helpful as well.ADHD coping strategies
  2. Use timers: If you have ADHD, you may often yourself not understanding how the time went by so fast, one minute you’re working on one project and the next minute, you realize you should have left the house 20 minutes ago to make it your doctor’s appointment. Set a timer to allot time to certain tasks. For a longer task, set a timer to go off at regular intervals so that you can be aware of the time passing.
  3. Organize your things into spaces: Lose your keys all the time? Forget where you put your jacket? Create spaces for these things. Set up a catch-all holder next to your door to put your keys in each time you get home. Set up a bin for all your bills. Make habits and designate a space for your items.
  4. Where you work matters: sit far away from distractions. If you work in an office, keep your area decluttered and away from people. Create a space that is organized so you can focus whenever you need to get work done.
  5. Stop procrastinating: When something comes up, you have a tendency to say “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Instead of leaving it to another day, such as putting a bill away or paying it, just do it now. You will eliminate forgetting and will be more productive by doing so.Try the 2 minute rule! If it can be done in under 2 minutes, DO IT NOW!ADHD coping strategy
  6. Exercise and spend time outdoors: work off that hyper energy by staying active.
  7. Take your medications such as Adrafinil, whenever you need to focus


What do you do to stay focused and organized, if you have ADHD?


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