Should We Encourage Smart Drugs in The Office?

Is it “Doping” to Use Smart Drugs?

Is it morally wrong to use smart drugs?  Should we compare the use of Smart Drugs to doping in competitive sports?  Should we encourage Smart Drugs in the office? Even though these drugs are (for the most part) safe, effective and readily available, they pose a few ethical challenges in the work place. Is it “cheating” to use brain enhancing drugs?

Yes and No

“Yes”, according to Duke University’s new policy which states, “unauthorized use of prescription medicine to enhance academic performance should be treated as cheating.”

“No”, according to law professor Nita Farahany, who believes the policy is “ill-conceived,” and argues that “banning smart drugs dis-empowers students from making educated choices for themselves.”

Malcolm Gladwell says, “The thing with doping is that it allows you to train harder than you would have done otherwise.”

Is a “Neurological Arms Race” Upon Us?

Another ethical challenge is that Smart Drugs, when used by Ivy League students or anyone in a privileged position, might widen the gap between the advantaged and those who are not.[the_ad id=”1390″]

With more and more people using Smart Drugs, nootropics and cognitive boosters, we may be at risk of a neurological arms race with the potential to expand beyond our wildest imaginations. But, is that so bad?

Societal Benefits

What if better brain functioning could result in societal benefits, like economic gains, reducing dangerous errors or solving the world’s most difficult problems? Smart Drugs could possibly be used to alleviate stress while helping to make us more productive.

Theoretically, we could work shorter hours in a more focused and productive mode, rather than longer hours in an unfocused and unproductive mode. Enhancement drugs may have even further-reaching implications in the business world than in colleges and universities.

Smart Drugs Work

There’s lots of evidence to show that nootropics work for more than just narcolepsy patients. In fact, a meta-analysis by Harvard Medical School and Oxford researchers proved that Modafinil has significant cognitive benefits for users with normal sleeping patterns and a study at Imperial College, London showed Modafinil helped sleep-deprived surgeons become better at planning, redirecting their attention and making less impulsive decisions.[the_ad id=”903″]

The American military has started experimenting with Modafinil with controlled use for Indian air force pilots. It’s not difficult to understand why the military welcomes the benefits of Smart Drugs, along with many other organizations.

Are Smart Drugs Safe?

According to coauthor of the Harvard-Oxford study, Anna-Katherine Brem, Modafinil has “vanishingly few side effects.”


Adrafinil is a premium nootropic supplement to promote wakefulness during the day. Additionally, it is an effective cognitive enhancer and promotes energy and focus.

Benefits of Adrafinil

  • Optimizes Focus and Attention
  • Promotes Energy and Motivation
  • Boosts Mental Performance and Vigilance

Adrafinil metabolizes in the liver to produce Modafinil. Some users are saying that it is more effective than Modafinil. In conclusion, Adrafinil provides ultimately more energy, stamina and focus, without interfering with sleep patterns. [the_ad id=”903″]

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the rain king · April 14, 2017 at 11:12 am

Great post.

Smart drugs are like any other drug. If they help someone in need, they should be allowed. And who among us doesn’t need or wouldn’t profit from being a little smarter?

Would you disallow an asthmatic athlete medication before competition because its cheating?

It’s all about performance. I suspect the objections to this along ethical grounds chiefly emanate with a really unbecoming uber-cynicism from the pharmaceutical industry because, for the time being, most smart meds aren’t under its ghastly purview, in effect, making most of the best of them affordable for us common folks.

Wouldn’t want the commoners to get any smarter and start figuring out the myriad of ways the powers-that-be are giving them the cosmic shaft, virtually in all things, would we?

Stock up now, while you can, and enjoy.:)

Editorial Team · January 19, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Thank you!

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