How To Feel Young And Live Life To The Fullest

You’ve Done This Before

Change is a part of life. If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s change. That’s what this whole thing of life is all about. It’s nothing new, really. And it’s not going away just because we’re older now.

Sure, we’d love for everything to stay constant but that’s not life. Life is moving, changing, adapting, growing and learning new things. That’s what makes it so much fun.

Major changes will most likely be a part of old age, such as the end of a career, offspring leaving home, loved ones passing away, etc. Changes happen in our bodies, –some of them quite suddenly. Muscle strength may start to slip, possibly memory fades a little. Our priorities may shift.

A New Older You

Visualize yourself strong, lean and fit doing whatever it is you have longed to do all your life, where you want to do it and with whom. The fearless new ‘you’ still has an insatiable appetite to bite into life and take the world by storm. Only now, you are wiser. You have learned a few tricks. Those poor addle-minded young people have a lot to learn from people like you.[the_ad id=”953″]

Wear your badges of experience with pride. You earned them. You blazed the trail for others to follow. Keep a strong lead and show them how it’s done —with flare. Whatever you do, don’t do anything halfway. Throw yourself into your dreams. There are still a few unfulfilled ones left. And forget the old- age myths that tell you aging inevitably means declining health, disability and mental atrophy.

A New Day of Information

We have so much more knowledge now about human physiology and there’s so much more at our disposal to use in the war on aging. The Internet provides the launch pad for endless research on the subject. Knock yourself out. There are people out there, human beings just like you, who are enjoying life to the fullest right on up into their 90’s and beyond. They’re dancing, painting, sky-diving, bowling, writing and living with all the stops pulled out. Why not be one of them?

Use Your Head

That’s what your mamma always told you: “Use your head.” She didn’t know how great that little piece of advice was, especially as we age. Have you started to be a little forgetful at times? —Nothing to worry about. Brain training can begin at any stage in the game. It’s been happening all along. But, by focusing on a few brain exercises, we can build new connections in our old noggins.

GH3 Gerovital

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