Five Ways to Use CBD Oil Every Day that Might Surprise You

You can improve your overall health and vitality by adding CBD oil to your daily life. This natural, non-toxic oil is a safe way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis and discover the amazing things it can do for you. Here are some ideas on how to use it and what to use it for.

1. Rejuvenating Facial Cream

As a powerful antioxidant, CBD oil can reduce damage to your skin caused by free radicals. In fact, according to Project CBD, cannabis oil might be more potent than vitamin C and vitamin E. Therefore, by adding a few drops of CBD oil to your nighttime eye cream, it can boost the antioxidizing benefits of your skin care routine. It will also provide protection from environmental pollutants that contribute to the aging process.

2. Brain Fog Relief

Having a hectic day at work? CBD oil could become your new go-to for stress relief. Studies confirm that CBD is a neuroprotective antioxidant. This means it has the potential to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Therefore, if you are the victim of sleep deprivation, or just not getting enough deep sleep, CBD can help to improve your cognitive performance.

Either you can simply put a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue or use sublingual spray. You’ll find this a lot more effective than having a smoke. —And a lot healthier. CBD can also help break the nicotine habit for good. Good to know.

3. Micro Dose CBD Oil

With CBD oil, less is more and a little goes a long way. Typically, a micro dose is between 2.5 and 5 milligrams. Low doses can reduce pro-inflammatory compounds in the body. And we know that reducing inflammation has multiple benefits, including illuminating the pain of arthritis, etc. Additionally, over time, CBD accumulates in the body’s fat, bringing about long-lasting, meaningful effects.

4. Acne Treatment

Along with all the other qualities of CBD, it is also a potent natural antibiotic. Studies show that it reduces oil buildup in human skin. Overproduction of sebum (natural oils) is one of the causes of acne. The other causes are inflammation and bacterial infection. Since CBD oil eases inflammation and has a sebostatic effect, it clears up acne blemishes. Naturally.

5. Pain Relief

As a topical pain reliever, CBD oil reduces inflammation which is one of the most common sources of pain. Minor abrasions, burns and sprains quickly feel the relief that CBD oil has to offer. For treating local pain, a transdermal patch can be applied, as long as there are no open wounds. This pain reliever is great on bruises, bee stings, bug bites, arthritis and sunburn. CBD topicals come in many different blends containing soothing herbs for various kinds of pain. Only the CBD is transferred through the skin. THC is not able to pass through the blood brain barrier into the brain. So, there’s no need to be concerned with experiencing the psychoactive effect of THC when using CBD oil.

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