As we age, we find ourselves becoming more forgetful. The important thing to remember is that as we age, we must work harder to preserve our memories. This means living a healthy, active lifestyle, taking the right supplements, eating the right foods, and doing what we can to work our brains.

Galantamine is a supplement that boosts mental acuity and promotes relaxation. It is the perfect supplement to take after a stressful day, making it easier to sleep. It is also sometimes taken to achieve lucid dreams, dreams where you are completely aware that you are dreaming.

More important, galantamine is the generic name for the brand Reminyl, which is used to treat mild to moderate confusion related to Alzheimer’s Disease.  In fact, in a recent study presented at the American Academy of Neurology, researchers found that cognitive benefits from galantamine treatment are likely to be sustained for at least 2 years in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Previous studies have shown the benefits of galantamine, however, were mainly limited to 6 months therefore this new study shows some promising research.

Researchers in this study analyzed data from an open label trial, which followed a double-blind study of 636 patients with Alzheimer’s. Patients were randomly selected to receive either the galantamine treatment or a placebo for 6 months, after which they were able to receive galantamine for another year and a half. The ADAS-cog scale, which stands for the Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale cognitive subscale, was used to measure and compare the data against the natural decline in cognitive function observed in a historical drug study placebo group. All the patients had the same characteristics and entry criteria, so the study is even across the board.

What did they find? They found that patients who had taken galantamine maintained cognitive benefits above their baseline for the first year, while the group who received placebos declined. Also, the ADAS-cog scores were significantly better for the group who received galantamine than the estimated scores of the placebo group at 2 years. The study showed that galantaime was able to improve cognitive ability in those with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Galanatime works by increasing acetylcholine levels to support memory. Many users have also reported that this supplement has led to increased focus, concentration and improved decision making.




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