Dr Aslan developed GH3 Gerovital, the "Grandmother of anti-ageing medicine"

Dr. Ana Aslan, a Romanian biologist and physician, considered to be a pioneer of gerontology and geriatrics.

Excerpt from “Live Younger, Live Longer” by Dr Hertzog

Ch 10 Questions and Answers

Q. Is GH3 safe?

A. There are few substances on the market today which have undergone such rigorous testing as GH3. Fewer still have been able to demonstrate such positive results. It is essential that genuine GH3 is taken, and it is advisable to check around first, and if possible, read up a little on the subject. After all, you might elect to take GH3 for the rest of your life, so surely it must be worth checking it out first?

Q. Which is better – injections or tablets?

A. Prof. Aslan herself stated that the British tablet form was the best available. Although she gave injections, she maintained that tablets could be more effective in stimulating the production of Folic acid as well as vitamins K and B12 in the body. Both forms pass the blood­ brain barrier. Injections are obviously faster acting, but the tablet form is generally far more acceptable in the majority of cases.

Q. Does GH3 interfere with other medication?

A. No! However, GH3 should be taken on an empty stomach, and any other medication should be taken only after a further hour.

Q. Can GH3 help to cure either AIDS or cancer?

A. No! Research shows, however, that laboratory rats first treated with GH3, did manage to successfully resist attempts to establish the disease by subsequently injecting them with live cancer cells.

Q. Can you overdose on GH3?

A. Laboratory rats given 60 times the normal daily dose of GH3, did not suffer any ill-effects. It must be remembered that when a product is ‘natural’, it means that the active ingredients are found naturally within the body, even though in different proportions. One’s immune system will eliminate any excess, but if the product is an ‘unnatural’ one, then the body has little or no defences of its own, and could suffer irreversible damage, or at worst, death.

Q. Is GH3 a stimulant?

A. Some patients do exhibit a mild euphoria within a relatively short space of time, but this is due to the anti-depressant effect of GH3, when it is acting as a reversible inhibitor of MAO – mono amine oxidase.

Q. At what age can one start to take GH3?

A. One of Prof. Aslan’s greatest regrets was that GH3 was unable to pass through the placental barrier. Children can begin to take an appropriate dose, say half a tablet initially, in order to raise their immune levels and combat conditions such as headaches, skin complaints, asthma etc. We all consist of cells, and GH3 acts at cellular level, so it is able to provide benefit at any age. Remember, organs such as the thymus gland, a tiny yet vital organ found behind the sternum just above the heart, begin to degenerate from the age of 12!

Q. Could the benefits claimed for GH3 really just be a placebo effect?

A. Individuals are always susceptible to suggestion, whatever the product or treatment. GH3 in this respect, is no different. However, animals treated with GH3, which includes dogs, horses, cats etc. have shown marked improvements in a whole host of different ways, so the ‘placebo effect’ certainly could not be claimed there!

supplementsQ. Is GH3 a drug or a vitamin?

A. Neither. It is a nutrient substance, absorbed through the gut into the bloodstream. Once there, it is able to enrich the blood and stimulate cellular growth to help provide homoeostasis, or well-being, through a balanced equilibrium in the body.

Q. Do you always notice a difference when first taking GH3?

A. No. Metabolism and absorption rates differ from person to person. A good quality intestinal cleanser might clean the colon and intestine generally, so that GH3, or indeed any other medication, could be more easily absorbed into the circulatory system.

depressionQ. Can GH3 help in cases of depression?

A. Depression, particularly in the case of older people, can be caused by a build-up in the body, of a substance called MAO or mono amine oxidase. Although a certain level of MAO is vital for the body’s correct functioning, an excess causes depression. The DEAE factor in GH3, balances out the MAO to a normal level, thus helping to alleviate depression.

Q. Can GH3 help in cases of neurological illness?

A. Prof. Aslan demonstrated clearly, a definite beneficial effect in many aspects of conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, M.E or post viral fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis etc. Do remember, though, that she would treat such cases by injection for more rapidly obtainable results. Any tablet medication, would necessarily take much longer to act.[the_ad id=”1391″]

Q. Does it have a reasonable shelf life?

A. The leading British tablet has a proven shelf life of 12 years, though in practice a shorter period is usually printed on the label, in order to improve credibility and to comply with new European legislation.

Q. What happens if you start taking GH3 for a while, then stop?

A. The benefit you have obtained will stay with you, but clearly no further benefit or immunity could be gained, and one’s normal rate of ageing and degeneration would be resumed.

Q. GH3 seems to be sold at widely different prices. Why?

A. Basically, the genuine product can be sold by the manufacturer or distributor at whatever level the market will accept. However, cheapness is almost invariably a sign that it is an imitation or ‘fake’ version, and it will not be able to produce the beneficial effects normally assumed with proper GH3. Check! Read a little! Find out about a product which is as effective as this one is. It is well worth it!

Q. Where can I buy GH3?  GH3 Gerovital Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 1

A. In the USA, many health stores carry it under the counter. Only in Nevada, is it openly and legally offered for sale in any quantity. Legislation passed in 1994 might help to allow GH3 to be sold more openly in the future, though this has yet to be seen! The FDA has stated that it does not object to people holding up to 3 month’s supply, provide it is for personal use. In the U.K. and throughout Europe, GH3 is beginning to be marketed seriously, together with an effective programme to educate people as to its true benefits.

Q. Is GH3 the best anti-ageing product around, then?

A. GH3 is the most proven and successful of all anti-ageing products, though emphasis should be placed primarily on improving quality of life rather than longevity. Who wants to live longer, but with terrible health? The whole field of anti-ageing medicine is now opening up, with a host of really exciting developments. A newly constituted Institute of Anti-ageing Medicine has been set up in the USA, and this body aims at bringing together the results of research and trials from all over the world. Special attention is being directed at the hormones involved in ageing, including Growth Hormone itself (GH), its pre-cursor peptides, and its post secretion IGF-1 levels – (Insulin like growth factor), as well as other hormones such as melatonin and DHEA. The amino-acid balances also play a vital part. The ratio between GH and Insulin in the body, is one of the most important factors involved in the ageing process. Although we need both hormones, we find our Insulin level increases as we age, and our GH level decreases. It is now just becoming possible to rectify this imbalance, and for the first time in the history of the human race, we can actually slow down ageing, or in some instances stop it for certain cells, and reverse the process. GH3 will always have an important part to play. The future is truly exciting!

Q. What exactly is ageing?

A. There is no single simple answer. It is usually taken to be the degeneration of tissues in the body, with cells dying at a faster rate than they can be produced or replicated. We begin to age in earnest from the age of 30-35 onwards. Levels of some vital substances begin to fall, and we begin to show signs outwardly, slowly at first then progressively more noticeably. Ageing is now accepted by researchers in the field to be a disease, and not an inevitability. Most of the trillions of cells in the body, divide all the time. Every time they do so, they lose a tiny part, so finally they just stop dividing or die. Much of this, unbelievably, is now reversible. Many cells can be prevented from dying off, thus allowing the ravages of ageing to be truly reversed for the first time ever.


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