Excerpt from “Live Younger, Live Longer” by Dr Hertzog

CHAPTER 3 How does GH3 work in the body?

How does GH3 work in the body? The single most important feature to be understood about GH3, is that it works at cellular level. In a human body that is made up of over I trillion cells, whether they be skin, blood, bone, brain, muscles or a specific organ in the body, these cells have to replicate or divide all the time. Some divide at different rates. Each cell has a central chemical core, or DNA- de-oxyribosenucleic acid- , and it is this substance which is different in every living being. It distinguishes us one from another, and gives what is now called a unique DNA ‘fingerprint’.

Each cell has a tiny core inside called a telomere, and every time a cell divides, this becomes a tiny bit shorter. In the end, the cell can divide no longer, and it will die.

If a substance, such as GH3, can even slightly alter the amount or rate of telomere reduction in a positive manner, then it can help combat the ageing process and improve our quality of life.
GH3 was, just over 60 years ago, one of the first pioneering products to herald a new dawn in the field of anti-ageing medicine. Dr Aslan was indeed well ahead of her time!

It is a remarkable tribute to this doctor, that so much later on the eve of a new Millennium, true GH3 still is still found in almost the same original formula, in order to work properly. Alterations and deviation from this formula, have only served to devalue the product, and in some cases reduce its efficacy to the level of a single vitamin product, or in worse cases, it results in no effect or benefit whatever. More of that in a later chapter.

In its simplest form, the effect of GH3 has been likened to something having the versatility to give every single living cell in the body, a very slightly increased amount of oxygen, thus improving the quality of that cell, and allowing such enhanced cells to improve our overall health and general quality of life. This could itself result in increased longevity.

The body needs to be in homoeostatic balance, or put simply, on an even keel. All functions need to be regulated, so that there is a correct balance. Any unnatural conditions would therefore conflict with this, so GH3 works to maintain an optimum balance throughout the body. A positive increase in oxygen supply to cells in the body by anything up to 30%, serves to increase immunity and natural defences, thus helping to ward off infection.

The body should not have to rely too extensively on a substance such as GH3, so whether it is administered by injection or is given in tablet form, it is advisable to have a rest period from time to time, just to allow the body to perform naturally again, and not become dependent on supplemental help. In the case of those taking GH3 tablets, a rest of 5-7 days every 2- 3 months, helps to maintain a healthy functional balance.


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