How To Improve Your Memory

What may be true with old dogs does not apply to humans. Depending on the neuroplasticity (Say that 10 times really fast!) of our brains, we can learn lots of new tricks right up until we pass on. If the grey matter between your ears is healthy, it can form new neural pathways and adapt itself to new concepts well into old age.

How to Harness Neuroplasticity

Learn to harness the phenomenal power of neuroplasticity for better memory. Here are some ideas on how:

Brain Calisthenics

Sure, you have loads of old, familiar neuropathways and that’s all good. But, to keep things interesting, it’s good to mix things up a little —add some new information, the more shocking and different, the better. Neuro physicists like to call that “stimulation”. It’s those “aha” moments that really make you think.


Since our brain is physical, physical exercise plays a big part in keeping it healthy. You may not be able to do push-ups with your brain but you can do them for your brain. Push-ups, jogging, walking fast or whatever exercise you prefer will increase oxygen to the brain. Exercising your muscles can increase the neuroplasticity of the brain by stimulating new neuronal connections.

Get Regular REM Sleep

Studies prove that sleep deprivation is very detrimental to brain health. Getting regular sleep every night and cutting back on caffeine does your brain good.


We’re not talking about Social Media here. This is about “real time”, face-to-face contact with actual people. It only makes sense that interacting with others takes some brain effort. For one thing, you’re forced to respond quickly with witty quips, right? Friends keep us on our toes. —They may even test your memory beyond reason.[the_ad id=”2451″]

Minimize Stress

Too much stress can damage the hippocampus which causes memory loss. Learn how to manage stress without bottling up your emotions. Try relaxing for short periods throughout the day. Those who pray and/or meditate experience greater activity in the prefrontal cortex and tend to have a thicker cerebral cortex, which leads to sharper memory and flexibility.

Laugh More

Apparently, being sober and serious all the time doesn’t improve your intelligence at all. Laughter is the way to go. Laughter engages multiple regions across the entire brain. Jokes stimulate areas of the brain associated with learning and creativity. (It’s also a stress-buster.)

Eat Brain Food

It’s true that fish is brain food. So are whole grains, omega oils and detoxifying vegetables and fruits, especially blue berries. Therefore, try to work salmon, tuna, halibut, trout, sardines and herring into your diet. Alternatively, walnuts, flaxseed, beans, spinach, pumpkin seeds and soybeans offer omega-3’s.


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