At work, it’s all about performance. Top achievers know how to get the job done right and on time. And, we all want to be one of them. The undependable under-achievers with their list of excuses may be satisfied to show up a little late and pass the time, but that’s not us. We’re always looking for ways to improve on excelling.

Top Achievers Shake Off Lethargy!

Top achievers are not satisfied until they’ve gone that extra mile to put in a peak performance on a daily basis. But, what happens when a “Peak Performer” misses a night’s sleep? –Or, maybe the task at hand is down-right boring?

What if lethargy and procrastination set in? Then what? On days like those, it helps to have a quick fix up your sleeve. Here’s a Few Suggestions on how to turn around a turndown day.

Tips to Shake off Lethargy and Procrastination

  • Be Prepared – Lethargy and procrastination can hit the best of us at the worst time. Don’t let it catch you unaware. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Just snap out of it.
  • Prepare a “Lethargy Grab Bag” and keep it on hand – To snap out of it, you’ll need a boost of natural sugar and fiber found in such things as apples, blueberries, or bananas, etc. (Stop thinking, “donuts”. Carbs will only add to your lethargy.) Trail mix will work or you can go all the way and have a protein enriched smoothie.
  • Fresh Air – Ever heard of negative ions? They’re real. They can give you a positive boost. You need oxygen! Try opening a window. Or go for a walk (outside).
  • Find the Fun! – Remember what you love about your job? Don’t lose the vision.
  • Aroma Therapy – A beautiful smell can change your outlook and move you —in other words, stimulate you into action and shake you out of your lethargic trance.
  • Plan Your Work – Chaos is not a good ruler. Prioritize your tasks and think ahead. Break down big tasks into smaller, easier to manage ones.
  • Reward Yourself – Celebrate accomplishments with a break, a treat, a game or something else you deserve to show yourself that you appreciate yourself.
  • Dream Big Dreams – What are your goals? If you have some fairy castles in the sky, maybe it’s time to start building a foundation under them. Remember, your work is only a part of your life.

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