Old age creeps on. It’s not always easy to confront ourselves in the mirror when new wrinkles are appearing on our face. Our first reaction may be to invest in miracle creams and topical cures. The cosmetic industry makes a fortune on our aversion to aging.

If we look below the surface, there may be a more effective solution. What shows up on our outside begins on the inside. We’re only as old as our gut. A healthy gut is a beautiful gut and the beauty within really does show up on our face.

What Causes Wrinkles?

How to Outsmart Wrinkles 1Wrinkles are caused when collagen and elastin in the connective tissue weakens because of changes in the fibroblasts. According to the Royal Academy of Medicine England, 80% of all degenerative disease is due to bacterial imbalance in the digestive tract which weakens the immune system. An imbalance can be caused by antibiotics.

Although antibiotics help fight infection and disease, they also destroy friendly bacteria that support the immune system. To counter the imbalance, one should always take probiotics after finishing a course of antibiotics. Stress can also cause an imbalance in the body’s friendly fauna.

Maritz Mayer Laboratories Probiotic 1150

Probiotics have been found to help rejuvenate the skin and enhance the skin’s innate immunity.

Supplementing with probiotics, especially lactobacillus acidophilus and the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae improves the conditions of acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Friendly bacteria eliminates toxins and free radicals that can cause aging. Probiotics will repair damage caused by free radicals and strengthen the skin’s barrier function. It also helps maintain moisture, the lack of which is a big reason we have wrinkles.

Effective Anti-wrinkle Nutrient

Dr. Aslan discovered the amazing, anti-aging properties of procaine in 1949. Since then, it was buffered in the formula GH3. GH3 contains anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates blood flow and slows down the aging process.


GH3 works at a cellular level. During our youth, our bodies form more cells than they lose as we are growing. When we reach our 20’s we start to lose more than we form. Eventually the dying force overcomes the living force and that’s when aging kicks in. Our brains and bodies start to deteriorate.

GH3 can step in to improve the aging dilemma. It can free, rejuvenate and replenish our cells.

GH3 is a compound that breaks down to form vitamins in the body which is why it is regarded as a dietary supplement or a pro-vitamin. As it breaks down, it releases PABA and DEAE required in the production of choline and acetylcholine which support healthier nerve and brain synapses.

“To grow old in a beautiful and dignified way is at the same time a science and an art.” Dr. Aslan

Probiotic 1150 and GH3 —the Wrinkle Solution Team.


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