How to Take Control and Optimize your Blood Sugar Levels

Whether you are fighting diabetes or are simply concerned about maintaining your blood sugar on an everyday basis, you should know that elevated blood sugar level can cause many other diseases. Although it is frightening, it isn’t impossible to improve and manage your blood sugar level and over time it will result in improvements in most aspects of life. With consistent efforts, you can see great results in brain function, hormone health, energy levels, life expectancy and decreased disease risk.

As is with most of our life, your blood sugar level too depends mainly on your diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and supplements.


Your diet plays a major role in improving insulin sensitivity and controlling blood sugar level. Not only excessive calorie intake leads to weight gain but also makes the body insulin resistant. In simple words, eating the correct food can significantly improve fat loss and maintain your blood sugar level.

  • Control your carbohydrate intake
  • Reduce the intake of processed food
  • Increase intake of omega 3 fatty acids
  • Increase your fiber intake
  • Increase your water intake


Lack of physical activity increases insulin resistance. Inactivity is the perfect recipe for fat gain and altered blood sugar levels. Being more active can improve insulin sensitivity and it doesn’t have to be any rigorous exercise. Even regular walks around your neighborhood can help keep your insulin sensitive.

15 minutes of exercise daily can show drastic health improvements.


As sleep-deprivation is on the rise, so is obesity and diabetes. Although lack of sleep isn’t the only reason for increased obesity and altered blood sugar levels, it does play a part in it. A poor night’s sleep alters multiple metabolic pathways, leading to increased insulin resistance, increased appetite, and decreased energy levels.

A minimum of 6 to 8 hours sleep on a daily basis is necessary to promote optimal health and blood sugar levels.


Another factor that is responsible for decreased insulin sensitivity and poor blood sugar management is chronic stress. Along with impairing our blood glucose levels, stress can increase fat storage that can in long-term result in adverse health effects.

Everybody has their own way of dealing with stress. For starters, you can follow these points below to try to reduce stress on a daily basis.

  • Take a 5-minute break from work every 2 hours
  • Go for a morning or evening stroll
  • Make time for the things you enjoy
  • Meditate
  • Give gratitude
  • Adopt a positive mindset


While it is important to address the fundamentals of a healthy diet, regular exercise, getting enough sleep or reducing stress, another viable option to consider is a blood sugar support supplementWhen it comes to controlling blood sugar and improving overall health, keep an open mind about your options.

A herb-based supplement, the blood sugar support supplement is a blend of herbs and nutrients that contains several antioxidants that help in:

  • Maintain proper blood sugar levels
  • Support pancreas function
  • Support healthy cholesterol levels

Controlling blood sugar levels is imperative for optimal health and there’s no perfect method for it. The best way to lead a healthy life is by following a healthy lifestyle with a wholesome diet, regular exercise, good sleep, reduced stress and a regular dose of blood sugar support supplement.

How to Take Control and Optimize your Blood Sugar Levels 1

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