Is Cannabis the Key to Solving the Obesity and Diabetes Epidemic?

Research is uncovering more and more attributes of the humble marijuana herb. Furthermore, it’s already used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, stop seizures and even slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s. Because it’s non-addictive and free from side effects, cannabis appears to be the perfect medicinal remedy for all kinds of maladies. Also,  it’s being taken into consideration as a treatment for diabetes and obesity.

A study in 2014 was published in the Natural Medicine Journal. Most noteworthy, it announced that marijuana can lower insulin resistance, decrease BMI, and waist size and lower levels of blood glucose. Another study in Israel in 2015 proved that CBD (canabidiol) is an effective treatment for Type 2 diabetes.

Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Murray Mittleman, said, “The most important finding is that current users of marijuana appeared to have better carbohydrate metabolism than non-users. Their fasting insulin levels were lower, and they appeared to be less resistant to the insulin produced by their body to maintain a normal blood-sugar level.”

Nearly 10% of Americans are Diabetic

Currently, over 29.1 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes. Sadly, two out of three will die either from the disease or its complications. It’s understandable that scientists are looking everywhere for the solution. Seems like cannabis could hold the key.

What About the “Munchies”?

Many strains of weed bring on the munchies. That’s because marijuana stimulates the part of the brain that makes you feel hungry. So, wouldn’t it stand to reason that dope-smokers are all obese?

Interestingly, research indicates that marijuana users have lower body mass index (BMI) measurements than non-users and that cannabis controls blood sugar! Regular users also have higher levels of “good” cholesterol. (And certain strains of marijuana actually control the appetite.)

Two Types of Diabetes

In Type 1 diabetes, the patient’s pancreas is not able to produce enough insulin to process sugars from carbohydrates. This type of diabetes is genetic. Therefore, we call it “juvenile diabetes”.

In Type 2 diabetes, the pancreas produces too much insulin, –more than the body is able to process. As a result, we call this type  “adult onset diabetes”, the more common type.

CBD Oil and Diabetes

Complications arise from both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Moreover, here’s a list of some that CBD Oil can relieve.

  • Neuropathy (nerve damage) – Cannabis slows the advance of nerve damage.
  • Glaucoma – Cannabis reduces inflammation and pressure.
  • High Blood Pressure – CBD Oil lowers blood pressure
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease (plague build-up on arterial walls) – Marijuana slows down plaque build-up.
  • Angina – Studies show medical marijuana significantly decreases angina.

Benefits of AAC CBD Oil

  • Relieves Fibromyalgia
  • Relieves Arthritis
  • Treats Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Relieves Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease
  • Reduces Nausea and Vomiting
  • Reduces Insomnia
  • Suppresses Seizures
  • Relieves Psychosis Disorders
  • Reduces Inflammation and Pain
  • Reduces Anxiety

You may have shied away from marijuana in the past. You may have heard that dope is dangerous. Maybe it’s time to take another look at this green wonder weed or at least the CBD Oil.

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