Dr. Dean Ornish thinks it is.  Its shocking to learn that our lifestyle and diet is killing us but the evidence seems to point to that it is.  Dr Ornish points out with other countries now now eating like us and living like, they are now dying like us.  In one generation, Asia has gone from one of the lowest to one of the highest rates of chronic disease and cardiovascular deaths equal HIV/Aids deaths in most African countries.  Furthermore, the obesity epidemic in America means that for the first time in history, its likely that the current generation will live shorter lives than their parents.

The vital point that Dr Ornish points out however, is that not only is Cardiovascular disease preventable, but it is reversible with diet and lifestyle changes.  In fact, the Asian diet (fish, grains and fresh produce) can reverse cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases.  Cardiovascular DiseaseIts hard to argue that all that goodness will help us live healthier, longer more disease free lives as by now we’ve been inundated the news that our diets of processed packaged and prepared foods is not the answer.  But how easy is it to make this switch to the “Asian” diet (there must be a multitude of different Asian diets in reality!)?  I find this Ted Talk reassuring on one level in that I have the hope to improve my longevity by taking action, and on the other hand the trepidation that making the switch is harder than it sounds.

Taking action on these lifestyle and diet changes may be something that needs a sharp focus and a strong arsenal of tricks tips and motivators to keep us on track.

What have you done with lifestyle and diet that put you on the track to healthy aging and longevity – share your tips and tricks with us!

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See Dr Ornish’s Ted Talk below for the full video on this topic….



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