Most of us will never forget the enduring roguish image cut by Kirk Douglas on the screen of “Spartacus”. Anyone who hasn’t seen the movie has really missed something. It was the classic movie, “Champion” (in which Douglas played a boxer) that won him his first academy award. Then there was “The Juggler”, “The Devil’s Disciple”, “Strangers When We Meet”, “Town without Pity”, “The Light at the Edge of the World”,… and his most recent, “It Runs in the Family” where he stars with his own son, Michael.

Hollywood’s Centenarian of 2016

Hollywood’s legendary leading man has once again stepped into the spotlight –this time as their Centenarian of the Year. Surrounded by family and friends at the Sunset Room of the Beverly Hills Hotel, Kirk Douglas celebrated his 100th Birthday. Ever the actor, he entered the room wearing boxing gloves and throwing punches to the tune of “Rocky”. The fitting entrance for a man who survived a helicopter crash, a spinal surgery, a stroke and a pacemaker implant!

A Cure for Depression

” I think I might get the Nobel Prize for medicine,” he quipped, “I discovered a cure for depression.”

In his eighth book, “My Stroke of Luck”, Douglas writes about his struggle after a stroke that left him unable to speak:

“When I first had my stroke, I went through suicidal impulses. An actor who can’t talk! What would he do?

Douglas picked up his gun, loaded it and put the barrel into his mouth. “It bumped my teeth. ‘Ow!’ It sent shivers through my teeth and I pulled the gun out. I began to laugh. A toothache delayed my death. I laughed hysterically.” His cloud of self-pity and helplessness was gone.

“Then I realized it was egocentricity. You’re so involved with yourself. ‘Woe is me!’ But you can reach out and try to think of other people. That’s why I admire Christopher Reeve and Michael J. Fox, because they have tried to do something for people with the disabilities the two of them have. I tried to do that, and it helped.”

What do J.F.K., Marlene Dietrich, Salvador Dali and Kirk Douglas Have in Common?

Gerovital H3 (procaine hydrochloride, known as GH3 and other variants) is a preparation developed during the 1950’s as an anti-aging treatment. During Gerovital’s “heyday”, treatments were administered to John F. Kennedy, Marlene Dietrich, Salvador Dali and Kirk Douglas.[the_ad id=”953″]

What is GH3?

GH3 is the original, world-famous anti-aging formula discovered by Dr. Ana Aslan. It is reported to exhibit regenerative effects in those suffering from Parkinson’s disease. On a cellular level, GH3 increases cell membrane flexibility and conductivity so more nutrients can pass into cells and more toxins are excreted. This causes a radical transformation in the skin, hair and nails.

How does GH3 Gerovital Work?

As we age, MAO (monoamine oxidase) builds up in the body taking the place of other substances that are present in higher proportions when we are young. This causes an imbalance. High MAO levels can cause depression, pessimism, tiredness, confusion, mental decay and loss of vitality. GH3 restores normal MAO levels and increases serotonin.

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