In this era where quick-paced work and lifestyle is often more of a requirement than an option, students, businesspeople and even you need to resort to various options available to increase your motivation and energy levels. From a potentially life-changing business meeting to a scholarship-dependent final examination, everyone – including you – can benefit from a small boost to get through the day. Nootropics will be able to help you to enhance your energy levels and motivation through its cognitive enhancing properties, thus giving you that additional boost you need. If you are looking for a Nootropics to give you more energy or motivation to get your work done, Aniracetam will give you that boost you were looking for.

An Introduction to Aniracetam

Aniracetam is classified as one of the most effective racetams which can enhance your energy and motivation levels. When you take Aniracetam, you will feel a rush of ambition and determination, giving you a driving force to get your work done in the state of focused relaxation that this Nootropic provides. Upon taking Aniracetam, you should start feeling its effects within 30 minutes, making it a considerably fast-acting Nootropic.

How Aniracetam Works

Aniracetam acts on the prefrontal cortex in your brain, increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your bloodstream within that area. These increased levels of neurotransmitters will provide you with a sense of relaxation and calmness which are required to help you to maintain a high energy level and sense of motivation.

When you take Aniracetam, the blood flow in the brain’s associated cortex is also increased, which helps you with your overall thinking process. You might feel as if you are able to see the bigger picture when you take this supplement, similar to when you are given pieces of puzzles for which you can already see where each piece is supposed to go. This mental clarity will help you to start and complete tasks easier and faster. If you are taking a Nootropics stack – more specifically one which is used for energy and motivation, we recommend that you add choline to it to avoid the side effects of choline deficiency. A great source of choline is Centrophenoxine.

Aniracetam – Clinical Study

Aniracetam’s benefits have been backed up by scientific studies. A study from 2001* showed that this Nootropic is capable of restoring reduced motivation levels due to satiation in a choice reaction task performed on aged rats.

The rats were trained to perform a choice reaction task, for which their accuracy and response speed is recorded. The aged rat’s response were maintained for some time under food restriction, but those that had access to free feeding had a decreased performance, measured by a lowered correct percentage and an increased omission rate and reaction time. Administration of 30mg/kg of Aniracetam for 2 weeks successively was able to partially recover the rat’s accuracy and frequency of responses, although the reaction time, motor activities and impulsivities were not restored. This Nootropic was found to leave the old rats’ weights unaffected, although it was shown to restore their motivation – possibly by improving their attention.

Aniracetam Benefits:

Anxiolytic Properties

If you are feeling stressed or anxious, you will find that Aniracetam is able to help you relax. Most users who take Aniracetam will be able to vouch for its abilities to help you feel at peace and generally more relaxed when you have had a long day.

Antidepressant Properties

Aniracetam is known to have some anxiolytic properties, which when paired with its ability to enhance moods, makes it a good antidepressant option. For this reason, you might find that some individuals suffering from depression will take Aniracetam to alleviate their symptoms.

Neuroprotective Properties

If you need more reasons to start taking this Nootropic supplement, Aniracetam has been known to reverse some existing brain damage from heavy drinking or other activities aside from protecting it from damage caused by other external causes.

Memory Improvement

One of the main reasons that Aniracetam is a good Nootropic is also due to how it is able to improve both short- and long-term memories, even though the range of effects may differ greatly between barely recognized to greatly noticeable.

Improved Focus

If you need to stay focused, Aniracetam will be very well-suited for you. This Nootropic allows you to increase your level of focus and concentration by improving your attention span, allowing you to keep your mind on the task easily.

Greater Intelligence

When you take Aniracetam, the communication between your brain hemispheres are greatly enhanced. As such, you are able to better utilize and link logic and creativity while working on your task at hand, which allows you to solve problems in a more effective and creative manner as well as make better decisions.

Aniracetam Side Effects

Generally speaking, Aniracetam is considered a safe Nootropic as long as you consume it within the recommended doses. Some common side effects reported by users include headaches, nausea and some gastrointestinal issues. However, the latter two side effects can be avoided if you take this Nootropic along with some food rather than taking it on an empty stomach.

Like most racetams, Aniracetam can increase your brain’s need for the choline neurotransmitter, which is one of the leading causes for headaches. This symptom will be alleviated if you take choline supplements such as Centrophenoxine.

Aniracetam Dosage

The recommended dosage for Aniracetam is about 1,500mg in two divided doses daily.If you experience insomnia, restlessness or agitation after taking this Nootropic in the evening, it is recommended that you take the entire 1,500mg dosage in the morning. This dosage is well-tolerated in most users as long as they do not have any pre-existing kidney or liver issues, and it is also not known to have interactions with any other drugs at time of writing, making it a safe Nootropic to be taken in a stack or bundle. However, to be safe, it is recommended that you consult with a medical professional before taking Aniracetam.


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