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Tom: “I did some research and found there was no adverse effects to the mixing of the two and thus informed went on to try it…

“I was led to conclude that Noopept behaves just like a racetam in that it makes you feel drunker than you actually are. The but comes in in that it does not necessarily impair your cognitive capabilities. I feel drunker than I should but still capable of reasoning as well as I would sober, minus inhibitions.

“…The combined effects of Noopept and alcohol as experienced by me are awesome.”

Awesome Experience

Bernard: “More or less the same for me, but I will say that my balance was slightly impaired.”

Nick: “. . . In fact, I drink much less beer than I did before starting nootropics. I’ve pretty much brought my liquid consumption to only tea, water, grapefruit juice, and sometimes orange juice. Then I have a couple beers a week. Not a horrible reaction, actually.”

Pete: “If anything i found that i didn’t have as much of a hangover after taking noopept at night before bed then waking up and feeling pretty fresh actually.”

Decreases Hangovers

Mike: “My experience has been potentiation and acceleration of the effects of alcohol. This is most likely due to the brain metabolism enhancing effects of the racetam family drugs. Overall, I have a much lower desire to drink alcohol with Noopept.”

Ben: “It seemed to make me more analytical/serious when I combined the two compared to alcohol alone.”

Dave: “I tried Noopept for the first time yesterday. …Another surprise came this morning – I woke up feeling like a total champion. I wasn’t hung over in the slightest. My head is perfectly clear and pain-free. After drinking like that in the past, I’d always get a hangover.

Sam: “It’s really interesting that so many people have experienced this. Noopept is a cool nootropic.”

Tim: “After 5-6 drinks I wouldn’t have much desire to continue.”

(Several People agree that they have less desire to drink after taking Noopept.)

Gary: “. . .When I dose Noopept prior, I can feel drunk and reasonably sharp and then magically sober up without any subjective residual evidence of alcohol consumption. Keep in mind I eat fairly healthy and get good sleep.”

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