Do you sometimes find yourself struggling to come up with creative ideas? You’ve likely noticed as you have gotten older, your creativity has slightly diminished. Along with that, your memory may be declining. If you’re worried about forgetting things and about your creativity disappearing, try Oxiracetam. Oxiracetam has been known to boost memory AND creativity!

Take it a step further, combining with Oxiracetam and try out this latest memory trick: drawing pictures of information that need to be memorized. A study from the University of Waterloo has found that this is a reliable strategy to enhance memory.

What the Study Found

Researchers in Psychology put several strategies to use but always found drawing coming out on top as a strong strategy for memory enhancement. It is likely because drawing requires visual, motor and semantic information skills.

The study was set up with student participants in which they were given easily drawn words (like “apple”) and had 40 seconds to either draw the word or write it out over and over. Then, they were asked to classify musical tones to facilitate the retention process. Lastly, they were given 60 seconds to freely recall as many words as possible from the previous experiment.

Researchers found that those who drew out words had a better recall then those who did not draw. They recalled twice as many words than written words! The researchers call this the ‘drawing effect’ which refers to the benefit in writing out words.

Think you’re not a good enough artist to do this? The study also found that the quality of the drawings didn’t matter, and everyone benefited from the drawing effect whether or not their drawings were good.

So the next time you find yourself wanting to remember important words or details – draw them! Combine this trick with a regular dose of Oxiracetam and you will be bursting with creativity and enhanced memory.

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