The New Choline That Enhances Your Mental Function

The Enigma of the Human Brain

New discoveries about the mental function of the brain are constantly being made. Probably, what we want to know most is how to increase our intelligence and sensory perception against the onslaught of age, diet and genetics. So, how do we do that?

Recently arriving on the stage of cognitive enhancement is an exciting nutrient called Alpha GPC (Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine). Alpha GPC is not only choline but also a source of valuable phospholipids.

Although it has been common knowledge that choline is vital for cognitive function, researchers hadn’t found a way to be able to deliver it to the brain in a viable form. Furthermore, for years, lecithin had been thought to supply choline. But recent studies proved lecithin to be of no noticeable benefit in the treatment of patients with dementia.

GPC includes all the benefits of choline and adds to it an increase in the production of acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine, —essential for storing and recalling memories.

In two Italian studies, test subjects who used GPC saw an increase in brain processes. Also, it improved recall and the ability to concentrate.

Importance of Choline

Without choline, we could not move, think, sleep or remember anything. It helps to build new tissue and is important for nerves and neurons. Choline synthesizes phosphatidylcholine (PC) which is a component of every cell in the body.

Although phosphatidylcholine is distributed throughout the body, it becomes more difficult for it to enter the brain as choline levels decline with age.

How Does Alpha GPC Work?

Alpha GPC is not just a vitamin B supplement. But it also actually stimulates membrane repair. Alpha GPC increases cholinergic receptor sites, restores bioavailability of acetylcholine, increases nerve growth factor receptors and slows down undesirable structural change in the brain. This is good news for the elderly and especially those with Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, it’s good news for their care-givers.

Alpha GPC:

  • Speeds Brain Recovery after an injury, coma, and surgery
  • Improves Memory and Cognitive Performance in Patients with Alzheimer’s Dementia
  • Improved Memory and Learning Ability in Laboratory Animals
  • Counteracted Aging in Rats’ Brains
  • Counters Age-Related Loss of Nerve Cells
  • Protects Brain from Toxic Waste Buildup
  • Increases Growth Hormone Secretion
  • Treats Patients Recovering from Cerebral Ischemic Attacks
  • Increases the Release of Dopamine

Because GPC is water-soluble, it quickly enters the brain. First of all, it protects neurons. Also, it improves signal transmission, and supports brain function and learning processes. Finally, GPC directly increases the synthesis of acetylcholine, as the body requires it. Alpha GPC is a metabolite of phosphatidylcholine rather than a less effective precursor of it.

Once phosphatidylcholine has been stripped of its fatty acids, GPC remains. This source of choline is in the best form that a cell would utilize and the form neurons prefer for synthesizing acetylcholine during scarcity.

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