What is Olmifon?

Olmifon is the brand name of a drug to market in Cephalon Laboratories in France.  This is first develop in the 1970s. It enjoys popularity as a wakefulness agent for those with sleep issues. It is consider one of the most effective treatments for narcolepsy and sleep apnea.  This is helping to restore normal sleeping patterns and promoting alertness throughout the day.

This nootropic is a highly effective cognitive enhancer and leads to an increase in memory and overall speed of recall. Users are able to recall facts and figures without any trouble, remembering dreams and being able to hold conversations effortlessly. Mental energy is also quick. The mental energy leads to improve and expand attention span and enhance ability to concentrate and focus.

Another benefit is a reduce in stress and anxiety levels that improves overall mood. Considering to be more effective, Olmifon, (and with less side effects) than Xanax and Adderall.

Olmifon is a Eugeroic

Belonging to the eugeroic group, meaning that it is a wakefulness-promoting agent. You can also call Olmifon a nootropic or a “Smart Drug”. It improves alertness, while reducing drowsiness and fatigue.

Similar to caffeine, Olmifon is a stimulant, but not only a stimulant as it also provides the effects of a nootropic drug. It’s using by a variety of people to improve memory, increasing learning abilities, and improve overall brain energy. Some of the most common users are narcolepsy patients, students, shift-workers, truck drivers and financial businessmen. Even surgeons and those in the medical profession use it to enhance focus in stressful situations. Who knows how many people going under the knife had a surgeon who was razor-focused via Olmifon Adrafinil.

Buy Olmifon Online

If you are looking to buy Olmifon online, or want to know where to buy Olmifon.  The name is now Adrafinil. In fact, Adrafinil is selling in France under the Olmifon name.  This s virtually the same product with the same effects. (Nevertheless, beware of imitations.)

Legal to buy Olmifon online in the US under the name of Adrafinil. If you have searched Amazon, try looking for Olmifon Adrafinil or Adrafinil Olmifon instead for better results. Names are interchangeable, though Adrafinil is now the more popular name online.

What is Olmifon Adrafinil?

Olmifon Adrafinil is a prodrug; it is primarily metabolized in vivo to Modafinil, resulting in very similar effects to Modafinil or Provigil.  Meaning it takes time for the metabolite to accumulate to active levels in the bloodstream. Effects of Olmifon are normally apparent within 45–90 minutes when taken orally on an empty stomach.

How does Olmifon Act in the Body?

When Olmifon/Adrafinil enters the body, it is “dormant” until it reaches the liver where it calls liver enzymes into action to metabolize a percentage of it into Modafinil and the remaining substance becomes modafinilic acid. This is why Adrafinil Olmifon is called a prodrug. It can also be referred to as a supplement. (The biologically active agent in Olmifon is Modafinil while modafinilic acid is inactive.)

Avoid Alcohol with Olmifon

This should be used with caution in those who have known kidney problems or aging kidneys since it’s excreted as modafinilic acid. (You will be able to smell it on its way out.) It’s possible to suffer surprisingly long term effects and some stress on the kidneys. That’s why you should remember that it’s important to drink a lot of water along with your recommended dosage.  Since hepatotoxicity is possible, liver support and abstinence from alcohol may be warranted.

In spite of relatively rare side effects, anecdotally, Olmifon and Modafinil have been far more effective in older populaces.

Stick to the Recommended Olmifon Dosage

An excessive dosage will interfere with sleep, but, unlike ADHD meds, one will still be able to fall asleep. Even still, the quality of sleep is likely to be reduced rather than enhanced. This is another reason you’ll want to start with a small  dosage even though the effects may be mild and hard to feel. Olmifon/Adrafinil is a wakefulness medication and it does its job very well. It may take a couple of hours to fall asleep even after “Olmifon has left the building”.

Overdose is not Fatal

Not to be sardonic, but if you’re looking for a drug to O.D. on to “end-it-all”, Smart Drugs are not the way to “go”. They won’t kill you. So, an overdose would only be a waste of money. Those who have taken a huge overdose with the intent to commit suicide were highly disappointed. They didn’t “wake up dead” –but they did wake up! It had no apparent immediate effect than the expected wakefulness. So, the person who tried it (a young girl) probably had difficulty sleeping for a while. Other than that, no serious problems occurred in the short term.

Passed-On Olmifon Reviews

Adrafinil Olmifon may be ineffective and perhaps even counterproductive in non sleep- deprived individuals or those who are able to sleep well. (There is some research on rats that backs this up.) Some have also reported a lack of creative ability and that they feel “robotic”. Perhaps this is the effect on some people when they suddenly possess mental agility that they’re not accustomed to. It’s sort of like learning how to drive a high-octane race car. You have to learn what to do with all that new-found energy.

Olmifon Wiki

Looking up “Olmifon Wiki” will yield these results:

“Adrafinil (brand name Olmifon) is a discontinuing wakefulness-promoting agent (or eugeroic). This is formerly using in France.  This promotes vigilance (alertness), attention, wakefulness, mood, and other parameters, particularly in the elderly. It is also off-label by individuals who wish to avoid fatigue, such as night workers or others who need to stay awake and alert for long periods of time. Additionally, Adrafinil is a larger nonscientific audience, considering to be a nootropic agent.”

Olmifon VS Provigil or Adrafinil/Olmifon VS Provigil/Modafinil

For the sake of clarity, maybe we should refer to Olmifon as Adrafinil because that’s the generic name Olmifon is packaged under now, since it’s discontinuation in France in 2011.  Provigil is the generic name for Modafinil in the US, available by prescription only. Olmifon vs Provigil does not require a prescription but it is not illegal to purchase Adrafinil Olmifon online in the US.

Provigil is More Robust than Adrafinil/Olmifon

Because Provigil is Modafinil, it doesn’t metabolize into Modafinil in the liver, which makes it a little stronger with faster onset than Adrafinil/Olmifon. The two downsides of Provigil/Modafinil is that it’s more expensive and requires a doctor’s prescription. On the other hand, Provigil has the benefit of extensive research. Provigil vs Olmifon is usually cheaper and milder.

Olmifon Side Effects

Typical amphetamine side effects However, in some cases, it may cause headache, nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea, irritability, insomnia, vomiting, numbness, dry mouth, sleep issues or pain. It has been known in rare cases to cause orofacial dyskinesia in elderly people and may also increase liver enzyme levels with prolonged usage. However, liver toxicity is rare.

Less Common Side Effects

Although less common, the following side-effects are possible; bruising easily, hallucinations, heart palpitations, high blood pressure and chest pain.    

If you are taking it as recommended, then you should not experience any serious problems. Before taking, please speak with your doctor. Any previous health conditions should be discussed before your first dose.

More Side Effects

Chronic use is ill-advised due to well-documented dermatological side effects, such as thick skin rashes, etc. This should not be used every day, especially for weeks or months. There are no overdose reports and overdose is not fatal, however, higher doses will most likely exacerbate the chances of renal or dermatological problems.

Olmifon Dosage

The recommended dosage is between 150 mg 300 mg.  As this is a highly powerful nootropic, if you are beginning the dosage for the first time, start with a small dose. You can slowly work your way up to the lowest recommended dosage, allowing your body to gradually adjust.

As previously mentioned, take Adrafinal Olmifon in cycles, preventing tolerance and negative side-effects and avoid long-term use unless specifically recommended by a physician.  Otherwise, do not take Adrafinal Olmifon more than three times a week for any longer than five months.           

In Summary

The brand name for Adrafinil was Olmifon. Thus, the Olmifon Adrafinil connection.

History of Olmifon

It was a French pharmaceutical company known as Group Lafon that developed Olmifon in the late seventies. Ten years later, it was marketed in France as a treatment for narcolepsy under the name Olmifon. After the Olmifon discontinuation, Adrafinil remained available online.

Olmifon Available Online

However, Adrafinil is currently unregulated in the United States and Canada. And yet, it can be purchased without a prescription to use as a Modafinil substitute. Olmifon (under the name of Adrafinil) can be legally imported by private citizens or purchased as a research chemical.

Since the Olmifon discontinuation, people who buy Adrafinil/Olmifon online have to be careful to purchase it from a trusted source, because when you buy Adrafinil Olmifon, you could be getting a fake, unless you know it is GMP certified.

Why was Olmifon Discontinued?

Very little information was divulged by online retailers of Olmifon when they abruptly stopped stocking Olmifon Adrafinil powder. “Sold Out” signs were the only clue that it discontinued and would no longer be available.

Teva Pharmaceuticals bought out Cephalon Laboratories in France and immediately stopped the production of the Olmifon nootropic, giving very little notice that this was the case. It seems few people know that it was no longer available. After the disappearance of Olmifon Adrafinil, nobody at Teva or Cephalon seemed to know what it was or is that it had been discontinued in 2011 for Modafinil. They only knew that it was not for sale.

Post by the French ASFSSAPS

The equivalent of the FDA in France posted a reassessment of Olmifon:


Olmifon ® tablets, 300 mg (Adrafinil) by Cephalon laboratories is a drug that is approve since July 10, 1981. It’s in France since September 19, 1985.

The drug, classifies as a non-amphetamine stimulant.  It indicates for the treatment of disorders of vigilance, attention, and ideo-motor slowing in the elderly.”

Olmifon Discontinued

In April, 2011, the MAH (Marketing Authorization Holder) is informing the AFSSAPS (the FDA of France) that they are reassessing the benefits/risks of Adrafinil.  Requesting Cephalon laboratories for all available data on the security and efficiency.

Cephalon laboratories inform the AFSSAPS that Olmifon Adrafinal would be discontinuing in September 2011 for Modafinil.  This will no longer be available to hospital pharmacies. This may have come as bad news for anyone who has interest in purchasing Cephalon brand Adrafinil.

Make Sure it’s True Olmifon/Adrafinil

If you buy Olmifon powder online, give it a taste test. If it is tasteless, the powder is fake. It is crucial to find a trustworthy source. Typically, the powder online costs about $40 US for 10 grams. If the price is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Do not use this for a long-term. It’s best to take in cycles: taking it for one week, give yourself a week off. Cycling usage can prevent tolerance buildup and potential side effects.

For people who have interest in taking Olmifon over an extend period of time, they should speak with their doctor first.  It is possible for liver damage to occur. Your doctor may want to keep close track of your liver function.

Some Benefits

  • Razor Focus
  • Increased Motivation
  • Converts to Modafinil
  • Promotes Wakefulness
  • Boosts Intellect
  • Enhances Cognition
  • Supports Memory,
  • Supports Attentiveness,
  • Enhances Mood
  • Boosts Energy

How does it Work?

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Olmifon is a central nervous system stimulant that directly affects the adrenergic system and catecholamine hormone levels. Adrenaline rushes are a natural response when we feel threatened. Under stress or excitement, the adrenergic system releases adrenalin. ‘Fight or flight’ response that gives the body an extra boost. Increasing adrenergic neurotransmitters, we experience an increase of focus and concentration.

Neurotransmitters, hypocretin is responsible, as this neurotransmitter is directly linked to wakefulness. With the increase of hypocretin and other hormones and neurotransmitters increase such as dopamine and histamine.

Get Happy

Dopamine is the “happy” hormone that helps regulate our moods. Inhibiting the breakdown of dopamine which provides a more positive mood and reduces stress levels. Synaptic receptor sites become more sensitive to their specific neurotransmitters by using Olmifon powder, it leads to greater brain activity in the areas related to learning, memory and focus.

The produce of the neurotransmitter, Hypocretin is increased, which is to control levels of alertness and produces more energy. Olmifon causes more Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Histamine to circulating associating with improved energy and motivation.

Norepinephrine is actually closely relates to adrenalin which is why some people may experience slight feelings of an adrenalin rush after taking an Olmifon dosage.

There is a direct relationship between the effects of Olmifon and the wakefulness hormones that naturally keep us alert during the day and rested at night. Stimulating the brain using these hormones.  There are also some surely cognitive effects that make it more closely related to two other nootropics such as Noopept or Aniracetam.

Olmifion and the Brain

From the standpoint of intellectual enhancement activating the glutamate receptors in the brain. As it binds to these receptors, it amplifies the signals sent between the neurons in the brain. Optimized glutamate receptors can lead to massive gains in brain power including memory formation.  In creating new connections between neurons, computations, and maintaining neural health.

The increase of both mental and physical energy that comes with means you’ll be more awake and alert, you’ll experience less brain fog and will not have to think hard about your tasks. You may also have better stamina levels and feel less brain strain even when facing mentally exhausting work as the day stretches on.

Another aspect to the increase in productivity relates the mood enhancing benefits. What if the usual stream of negative thoughts in the back of your mind suddenly disappeared? This is quite possible with the higher Dopamine and Serotonin levels brought to you with Olmifon Adrafinil. Many people say that this supplement gives them higher levels of confidence and promotes greater mental drive.

Olmifon is off-label as an anti-anxiety supplement.  Alleviating symptoms of depression, with all of these barriers lifting, living a more productive lifestyle is easy.

Who Uses Olmifon?

Users believe that it is slightly weaker than Modafinil. With the stimulus of Olmifon, there is an increase in overall energy levels, attention and stamina. Popular among students, but also with those on shift work.  Truck drivers who require to stay awake and alert on the road. Adrafinil Olmifon user reviews say that to sale powder online is better than caffeine without the coffee jitters.

Recently receives attention from many high-profile entrepreneurs.  Individuals in the financial industry claim that this supplement helps them to have more motivation, working at their best even during long hours. Among success-conscious individuals seeking to increase their productivity, Olmifon has a high degree of off-label use. There is a number of ways it can help overcome procrastination and accomplish more in less time.

Common as a smart drug for both academic settings and for those who want to maximize their productivity at work. Increasing levels of productivity as a result of increased energy, focus and motivation. —Perfect for individuals who work in a competitive environment.

Thousands of users of Olmifon Adrafinil take it regularly and see no negative side effects, but if you’re looking for a daily supplement, you may want to consider other options.

Cognitive Benefits of Olmifon

Cognitive benefits such as the increased ability to learn and remember things have been reported. Users also experience faster recall of information that has already been retained.  This is a boon for students because it allows them to produce information faster for tests and exams for higher grade levels.

If you suffer from any heart conditions, taking can increase the risks of heart complications. Beware that taking any other stimulants along with Olmifon Adrafinil can be dangerous. Therefore, speak with your doctor before taking Olmifon, if you have a heart condition. Although most reviews are positive and you can buy online, it’s wise to use caution with any drugs.

Using Over Long Periods of Time

If taken for an extended period of time, liver issues may result due to the build-up of enzymes in the liver. When taking on a daily basis, it’s a good idea to have your liver monitored.  Long-term use is not recommended and one should be careful when purchasing Olmifon online once you know where to buy it. On Wiki, you can find more information.

In France to promote vigilance, attention, wakefulness and mood in the elderly.  Patients of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Using by those who want to overcome fatigue, such as night-shift workers and those who using to stay awake over long periods of time. Olmifon is know as Adrafinil to a large audience of users who consider it a nootropic.

Olmifon is a prodrug, metabolizing in vivo to modafinil.  Taking time for the metabolite to accumulate to active levels in the bloodstream. Effects are  within 45–60 minutes when take orally on an empty stomach.

Adrafinil in on the market in France under the trade name Olmifon until it was voluntarily discontinue in 2011.

Olmifon Amazon

Adrafinil Reviews

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“Does the job”  (4.0 out of 5 stars)

By Daniel Siksayon April 20, 2016

Item Package Quantity: 30

“These Adrafinil capsules are the real deal. They’re just as effective as any other method that I’ve tried, beginning to work in ~90 minutes. As with all Adrafinil dosage, it recommends that this product isn’t take for long periods of time, or every day for short periods.  Since the substance is metabolizing into the active compound Modafinil in your liver, this puts extra stress on that organ.

That said, I find Adrafinil to be an effective motivational and focus tool for days when I need to hunker down and WORK. As always, take Adrafinil in the morning, since its effects will last all day, and may affect your sleep if taken too late in the day. Remember, too, that Adrafinil takes about 90 minutes to work into your system, so keep that in mind when you’re planning when you need your focus burst.

Information is online. I received this product at a discounted price, in the interests of providing a fair, unbiased review that represents my own genuine opinions about the product.”

“Not a dramatic change but still good” (4.0 out of 5 stars)

By Tyon March 9, 2017

Item Package Quantity: 30|Verified Purchase

“Arrived on time. The pills have much less of an effect than I’d anticipated. Exciting with a small boost in my mental focus. I knew what I needed to do and got it done. If you’re looking for a pill that suddenly turns you into Bradley Cooper in ‘Limitless’ then this is the wrong pill for you; however, if you’re looking for a pill that gives you a bit more focus and energy then it may be worth trying. I give 4-stars, I’d buy them again.”

“This product is great!” (5.0 out of 5 stars)

By Amazon Customer Care on November 20, 2016

Item Package Quantity: 30|Verified Purchase

“I’m a business owner and I need to be on top of things. This product keeps me energized. Thanks for a great product!”

“Great product.” (5.0 out of 5 stars)

By Amazon Customer on November 20, 2016

Item Package Quantity: 30|Verified Purchase

“I work long hours as a manager in manufacturing and need to be alert for my team; great product..”

“I really like this product but I wish it came with more …” (5.0 out of 5 stars)

ByJohn Brownon February 23, 2017

Item Package Quantity: 30|Verified Purchase

“I really like this product but I wish it came with more than 1 month. Good for the brain.”

“Five Stars” (5.0 out of 5 stars)

By Amazon Customer on February 23, 2017

Item Package Quantity: 150|Verified Purchase

“Worked as described.”

“Works!” (5.0 out of 5 stars)

By Jean-Francois Lyonnaison March 23, 2017

Item Package Quantity: 30|Verified Purchase

“Great product.”

“Four Stars” (4.0 out of 5 stars)

By Amazon Customer on December 8, 2016

Item Package Quantity: 30|Verified Purchase

“Very good!”

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