Our Olympic athletes are all coming home or have just come home from their exhilarating experience in Rio.  Many of us were watching them during the ups and the downs of the games.  Despite the struggles that Brazil had with hosting the games, the games were nevertheless a world class event.  But what happens to all those Go-for-Gold athletes after the games?  Many of them missed the medal by a second or a few feet and not every athlete is coming home to be showered in Glory.  We can only assume what these athletes go through during these difficult times.

Becoming an Olympian is a choice. It is certainly a lifetime of dedication, commitment and hard work. In addition to talent, it takes endless hours of training and a super positive attitude to excel and become the best.  Several traits define Olympic athletes as they navigate this very challenging and sometimes unachievable goal, yet they thrive on the journey.

Both Olympians and famous athletes hold dearly very commonly known habits that make them excel and reach super human effort, such as:

  1. They eat and drink the best and healthiest food for energy.
  2. They set a goal and work hard toward that goal.
  3. They stay positive and must keep a determined and confident attitude.


We have read over the years of very famous celebrities and athletes who have suffered and battled with depression. Among these is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who as a ten-time WWE champion turned actor, and whose films have grossed well in excess of a billion dollars, has admitted to having depression.  The Rock made his Hollywood debut in 2002, raking in $5.5 million, a world record for an actor making their screen debut.  However, Johnson revealed in 2014 that he has had three bouts of serious depression, and told the press that he is aware they could strike again.

While Olympians and athletes don’t have the option of turning to supplements like nootropics to give them the mental boost they need, supplements like Aniracetam helps those suffering with anxiety and depression and is well known as a mood lifter.

What Is Aniracetam

There is a fat-soluble molecule that belongs in the Racetam family, and the name of it is known as Aniracetam. Because it is a fat-soluble, Aniracetam should and needs to be ingested with fatty acids. Scientists have said that this nootropic is more potent than Piracetam, and that it creates a more holistic way of thinking and that it has the ability to reduce depression and anxiety as well. It will act as a positive modulator for receptors that are known as AMPA receptors, and then it is able to decrease the desensitization rate of the receptor. This will then end up manifesting as a very controlled neurological stimulation effect. AMPA modulators affect the brain in very different ways, and this is because these specific receptors differ in structure all across the brain.

Aniracetam has the ability to increase the bodies blood flow, and to also increase the activity in the brain as well, to help with depression and anxiety. It is now being tested to see if it has the ability to also aid in Alzheimer’s disease along with helping with depression and anxiety.

How Does Aniracetam Help With Depression

This nootropic supplement has become incredibly popular due to the widespread use of it for anxiety and depression, as well. It has been claimed to be a cognitive enhancer and an anxiolytic that has the ability to better enhance your mood and help to treat depression as well. Almost everyone of the Racetam family is a mood enhancer, however, Aniracetam is more pronounced in this area.


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