Adrafinil is classified as a Nootropic, which means it’s designed to boost cognitive functions. This means you’ll think more clearly, have more energy, and be able to sleep better at night. Originally, the marketing for Adrafinil was aimed at a variety of sleeping disorders. These ranged from issues such as, having trouble staying awake during the work-day to disorders like Narcolepsy (excessive sleepiness). Largely, it was primarily used to regulate sleeping patterns that were otherwise irregular. Those who suffer with sleep-related issues are at a higher risk for depression, mood disorders and brain diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s. This is why it’s important to regulate and normalize any sleep disorders.

Somewhere along the way, people started to figure out the benefits of Adrafinil in other aspects of life. While it was initially prescribed for sleep disorders under the trade name Olmifon, now the generic form, Adrafinil, is a non-prescription nootropic that has become widely used for the additional benefits it provides. It’s now looked at as a brilliant way to boost productivity and enhance moods. Adrafinil can be used to treat both sleep disorders and mood disorders. The benefits include:

  • Alertness
  • Enhance Mood
  • Reduce Stress
  • Sharpen Focus
  • Greater Attention
  • Increased Productivity
  • Healthier Seep Patterns

Unlike other productivity-boosting supplements, like caffeine tablets, Adrafinil does not cause hyperactivity. You won’t be bouncing off the walls, you’ll just be focused enough to get the job done.

Consumption of Adrafinil

Adrafinil is available in both comes in a powder and capsule form. In the powder form, the best way to consume it is by stirring it into a glass of hot water. It’s not going to taste very nice, but it’s going to help and that’s what matters. Unfortunately, you can’t just walk into the drug store and grab a bottle, like you could with Metamucil. Although it doesn’t require any type of prescription, the brand name product Olmifon is no longer available. Adrafinil is the generic name for this product and many companies try to brand their own. It’s hard to trust these companies because not all of them are genuine Adrafinil products. You have to purchase a GMP-certified product in order to be confident you’re actually getting Adrafinil.

Alternatively, there are capsules you can buy. If you do find the capsules, you can skip out on the hot water. The capsules can be taken directly.

There are many people who choose the capsules over the powder. Adrafinil has an unpleasant taste and this is noticeable when you’re drinking it in water. The capsules allow you to dismiss the taste a little better, so you won’t feel like you’re choking it down. The powder is easier to regulate, since you’re measuring out the dosage yourself, inside a capsule. This means you know exactly how much of the powder you’re getting. When you’re taking the capsule, you’re trusting the measurement on the bottle, produced in a GMP and FDA compliant facility. The difference between Adrafinil powder and capsules boils down to your own personal preference. Both are equally as effective.

Of course, actually seeing the benefits of Adrafinil, like any other supplement or medication, depends on the dosage. Let’s get to the heart of the article with:

The Correct Dosage of Adrafinil

It’s possible you’re not going to like this answer here: There isn’t a proper dosage for Adrafinil.

The dosage varies, depending on the concern you’re using it for. For narcolepsy, it’s different because the condition affects the brain in a different way.

Adrafinil dosages start as low as 300 mg and can be as high as 1, 200 mg every day. The ideal dosage is 300 mg. If this works for you, stick with it. You want to take as little as possible, because it’s very potent.  It’s recommended that you take Adrafinil only 3 times each week and for no longer than a month. The maximum dosage for each week should never exceed 1800 mg, or one capsule of 300 mg for 6 days per week.  The recommendation would be 5 days per week, one capsule per day.

Adrafinil is typically taken first thing in the morning, one capsule, 30 minutes before breakfast.  It’s not recommended to take it at any time during the day because it can drastically impact your sleeping patterns. The reason for this is that after taking Adrafinil, the effects are likely to last between 4-8 hours. Therefore, early in the morning is the recommended time or as soon as you wake up.  This is true no matter the reason why you’re looking to take Adrafinil. Always speak with your doctor before using Adrafinil, especially if it’s your first time.

Alternatives to Adrafinil

While many people enjoy Adrafinil, there are alternatives on the market. Adrafinil is a stimulant and certainly not the only one available. Modafinil is the most common alternative, providing many of the same benefits. The downside to Modafinil is that you do require a prescription.

The old-fashioned caffeine tablets may work to wake you up, if you’re just looking for a quick boost. Caffeine tablets are easy to find as you can get them in almost any drug store. The downside to caffeine tablets is the caffeine. Too much in your system can cause the jitters. That means shaking and over-alertness. Plus, many people are trying to steer away from caffeine-based boosters. So, there is still a market for over-the-counter alternatives like Adrafinil.

Thoughts on Adrafinil

It’s not recommended for long-term use. In fact, your best bet is to use Adrafinil in cycles. Save it for when you’re in need of a boost. Otherwise, there’s a chance you’ll build up a tolerance and it won’t work for you anymore. Adrafinil does have side-effects if used incorrectly or for long periods of time. These side-effects include constant headaches and dizziness. In some cases, liver damage is also a possibility.

For this reason, most users take Milk Thistle supplements to detoxify the liver, which is a great way to keep the liver healthy.  So, if you don’t need to take Adrafinil, don’t. If you do need it, try and get away with using it as infrequently as possible. You should never exceed using Adrafinil for more than 4 months in a row.

Regardless of the reason you’re considering Adrafinil, you should always ask your doctor. Your doctor can let you know if you’re at a higher risk for side-effects and even what the best dosage is. The recommended dosage may work for you or it may not. Each person is different and our own chemical make-up effects the effectiveness of Adrafinil.

You should also know that, like any other Nootropic, Adrafinil can interact with any medications or supplements you’re already taking.

In conclusion, Adrafinil is an alertness boosting supplement, both safe and effective, and best of all, cost effective when compared to other stimulants.

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