Phenylpiracetam – A Nootropic, Antidepressant, And Stimulant All in One 1

Phenylpiracetam is known as one of the best Nootropics in the market, which is not surprising considering that it provides various benefits and acts as a 3-in-1 Nootropic. To explain, Phenylpiracetam works as a stimulant and has a reputable cognitive-enhancing and antidepressant function as well! This added bonus makes Phenylpiracetam an excellent Nootropic to try. Below, we review the working mechanisms of Phenylpiracetam and its benefits.

How does Phenylpiracetam Work?

To start, Phenylpiracetam is one of the Nootropics derived from the racetams family, and is almost structurally identical to Piracetam. As its name suggests, Phenylpiracetam has an added phenyl group in its chemical make-up, which causes the strong cognitive-enhancing properties in this Nootropic.

Studies have revealed that Phenylpiracetam works on acetylcholine and glutamate receptors in your brain, which when stimulated, cause a steady stream of neurotransmitters to be spread around your brain. This Nootropic is also known to interact with several other types of neurotransmitter receptors, such as dopamine, GABA and serotonin receptors.

Acetylcholine is associated with attention and memory, while glutamate is associated with feelings of alertness and a general increase in brain activities. You might know dopamine for its well-known association with pleasure and motivation, and serotonin for helping you to feel content and sated. GABA meanwhile will allow you to feel much more relaxed than usual.

What is the Recommended Dosage?

You only need to take between 100-300mg of Phenylpiracetam daily to get the benefits of this Nootropics. Usually, it is recommended that you take about 100mg in two doses daily, once in the morning and another toward early evening. Since everyone reacts differently to this Nootropic, it is suggested that you start with the minimal dose to test for any signs of allergy of adverse reactions, and then start taking it in an increased dosage until you reach a comfortable level of stimulation and peak effects. Taking more than the recommended dosage will not cause an increase in its stimulatory effects. Instead, it will only cause you to feel more jittery than usual without any added benefits.

Upon ingestion, the effects of Phenylpiracetam can be experienced for a long duration. While most Nootropics’ half-life is short – between two to three hours, Phenylpiracetam’s half-life is as long as 5 hours, which means that it takes up to that duration before this Nootropic is excreted from your body and you need to take another dose. For best effects, refrain from taking Phenylpiracetam in the late evening or at night since you might not be able to sleep for a while afterwards.

Phenylpiracetam’s Stimulatory Effects

All these effects point to Phenylpiracetam being a stimulant, and although the effects of taking this Nootropic can vary from person to person, the most common stimulatory effects that one might experience from taking Phenylpiracetam is the increased energy & motivation to help you get through tasks that need to be completed. This will further help you to focus on your work for a longer time before taking a break.

Due to the strong stimulatory effects of Phenylpiracetam, this Nootropic has been banned from usage in the Olympics. The World Anti-Doping Agency has indicated that it is also able to boost your physical performance when it comes to sports. One of the main reason for effectiveness of phenylpiracetam is the fact that it passes through the blood brain barrier easily to cause immediate and powerful effects.These effects will help you to increase your productivity at work, since you will have a strong driving force to keep going after taking this Nootropic.

Cognitive Benefits of Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam can lead to various neuroprotective and cognitive enhancement benefits.  For example, studies have revealed that patients with epilepsy experience cognitive improvements after taking it, and post-stroke patients who took Phenylpiracetam also have a significant cognitive recovery. In addition, this Nootropic can also slow down your cognitive decline if you are experiencing any brain damages caused by dementia or brain lesions! Aside from protecting your brain from damage and helping you to recover, you will find that Phenylpiracetam is a powerful memory enhancer.

Of course, the main reason why you would take Phenylpiracetam is for the added cognitive benefits, especially if you are a student preparing for an exam or if you are a businessperson needing some extra boost for the day. If you take this Nootropic, you might notice additional benefits such as a heightened learning capacity, better focus and concentration, which other users have reviewed as “being able to lift their brain fogs” to help them stay clear-headed while performing a specific task.

If you suffer from asthenia – an abnormal physical weakness or lack of energy, you will be pleased to know that there have been research studies which have proved Phenylpiracetam’s benefits in improving your performance in tasks that require a lot of attention-switching and general problem-solving skills. In fact, when tested for its efficacy with a Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE), the users with some degree of brain infractions who were administered Phenylpiracetam over thirty days experienced an improvement in perception, counting, memory & speech functions as well as a better overall mental alertness.

Antidepressant Benefits of Phenylpiracetam

Some symptoms associated with cognitive decline or deficit such as depression and anxiety are also reduced quite significantly when you take Phenylpiracetam. This has been proven through a test with rats in a force-swim test, where the depressive symptoms – staying still and not swimming in a fixed position – are reduced greatly. When the standard dosage of Phenylpiracetam at 200mg per day is administered, cognitive decline-associated depression is also reduced.It goes without saying that having less emotional hindrances will help you to focus better for your tasks.


Phenylpiracetam has stimulant effects that work hand-in-hand with the cognitive and anti-anxiety benefits that it produces. The increased stimulation will allow you to focus better on your work and the additional cognitive benefits will be able to help you along the way without much adverse effects as long as you take it within the recommended dosage.

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