A frustrating problem many of us may experience as we get older is light and glare sensitivity in our sight. When a light source affects our ability to see clearly, it is referred to as glare. Glare can be caused by a strong light source, such as the sun in our eyes, causing people to shade or close their eyes. It can also be caused by eye diseases which reduce our eye’s ability to perform properly.

One of the most common eye diseases is cataracts. Cataracts causes vision to become blurred, and can make the eyes extremely sensitive to glare. There are several treatment options, the most extreme being surgery. However, a better and much cheaper option, is NAC drops. NAC eye drops contain the antioxidant N-Acetyl Carnosine 1.0% liquid. They reduce cataracts, improve eye sight and even improve glare sensitivity. It is as easy as 1 drop each eye two times a day, and much less invasive than surgery!

Other tips for dealing with light and glare sensitivity? Get yourself a pair of prescription tinted sunglasses. There are a variety of different lens tints available. Each color option has varying attributes which are meant for a range of lighting conditions such as contrast, color balance, percentage of light that is transmitted through the lens, etc. Make sure you work with an eye doctor’s office that has all these options and will help you find what works the best for you. When trying them on in the office, make sure you ask if you can walk around outside in natural light to get a sense of what they are like in real-life conditions.

For example, some people find a gray tint works best for sunny days when glare is the most intense, versus a brown tint for cloudy days. Brown tint heightens contrast and can help you see better on a cloudy day, and it also works well in brightly-light stores.

Another tip for dealing with light and glare sensitivity, get a wide-brimmed hat for those days when you venture outside. Bring an umbrella too to shade the sun from your eyes.

One final tip – “fitover” sunglasses. These are meant to fit over regular glasses but you can out them over your sunglasses to make them even darker, too. Most places that sell glasses will sell these as well, it helps to have some handy for days when your sunglasses just aren’t dark enough.fitovers

Do you have any tips for dealing with light and glare sensitivity?


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