Protein might be the magic key to weight loss. Many people tend to associate high-protein foods with more calories, but the reality is that protein has actually been shown to help weight loss.

The key to weight loss is being consistent in your diet and exercise routine.  Your diet should incorporate whole-foods, lots of fruits and vegetables and protein at almost every meal.  A recent study published by kinesiology researchers at McMaster University has uncovered that those who ate higher amounts of protein lost weight quicker.

The experiment was designed with 40 young, overweight men, who were put on strict, controlled diets and exercise regimes over 6 weeks. It was an intensive and very demanding regime for the participants. The results found that it is possible to lose fat and gain muscle quickly, however, it is not easy. The men were split into two groups, both put on low-calorie diets and both on intensive exercise regimes, while cutting out dietary energy they would normally require by 40%.  One group was put on a diet consisting of higher levels of protein than the other group. The higher-protein group experience muscle gains, around 2.5 pounds, even though they have not consumed sufficient energy. The lower-protein group showed no muscle gain.

Further, the high-protein group resulted in more body fat loss which surprised researchers. Researchers figured muscle retention would occur, but not substantial fat loss. The higher-protein group also lost more weight than the low-protein group, losing about 10.5 pounds, while the low-protein group lost 8 pounds.

Both groups showed significant improvements in strength, fitness and overall health shape, likely due to the intensive six day a week exercise routine. Researchers warned in their study findings that this type of program is not for everyone, as this was specifically designed for young, overweight men and heavily controlled. Also, it is likely not sustainable over a long-term, but shows that consuming higher levels of protein leads to weight loss

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