Provigil Alternatives to Increase your Energy, Focus and Intelligence

Being one of the more mainstream restorative drug on the market with an energy boosting property, Provigil – also known as Modafinil – was initially formulated to treat narcolepsy – a condition which causes the patients to instantaneously fall into deep sleep while going about their everyday life activities. This medication was able to help narcoleptics stay awake and vigilant by delaying their urge to sleep.

Soon after it was developed, Provigil obtained a reputation among other users who are not narcoleptic due to the ability of this drug to sharpen the user’s focus, keeping them awake & active as well as giving them the push they need to go through the day. These side effects pushed this drug to the top of the list for effective ADHD treatments and helped students, office workers and anyone else who were looking for a cognitive boost.

Why Provigil?

In previous studies, it was found that Provigil or Modafinil were able to provide users a sharper focus and clearer thoughts in their thinking process, which is why this drug has been known as smart drugs to help improve a person’s intelligence.

However, since Provigil was not formulated with the goal of intelligence increment in mind, it would be a better option to use Provigil alternatives to achieve the same results to ensure that users are ingesting a medication formed for the specific purpose of cognitive enhancement.

Why do People Look for Alternatives to Provigil?

Since Provigil is only obtainable through prescriptions and has quite a high price ranging anywhere from $800 – $1500 for 30 pills of 100mg each, users started looking for other nootropics to get the same benefits one might obtain from Provigil while paying a lower price.

Some of the alternatives were able to improve cognitive functioning in terms of focus & concentration, give an extra energy boost as well as increase a person’s productivity. The motivation drive in most users were also enhanced through the creativity, concentration & productivity boost, allowing them to do their work more effectively. All these benefits could be found in Provigil without causing agitation unlike most stimulants in the market, which was what thrifty users wanted for a more affordable price

Cognitive-Enhancing Provigil Alternative

While the racetam drug family is frequently used to enhance cognition everywhere around the world, Phenylpiracetam specifically was used more often to improve memory & recall, learning ability enhancement as well as to provide focus & concentration. Other drugs in the racetam family also have their own unique effects, but overall, mood and motivation is generally improved using Phenylpiracetam.

Racetams remain as one of the most-used cognitive enhancing supplement around the world. Even after 5 decades of being in the market for intelligence boost usage, racetams have been used in several studies to prove their efficiency on cognitive improvement, leading to its usage as the developmental backbone of other nootropics.

ADHD or ADD Provigil Treatment’s Alternatives

However, if you are looking for alternatives for ADD/ ADHD treatments, you can try the combination of fish oil, Centrophenoxine & Piracetam. Piracetam improves blood flow & oxygen flow into the brain to engage with neurotransmitter acetylcholine, while Centrophenoxine ensures that there are additional materials to be converted into acetylcholine. The whole process is balanced out by the fish oil supplement, which results in a clearer mind that runs far more efficiently. The perks? The total cost of this chemical cocktail is much less than what you will need to afford Modafinil & Provigil

Best Provigil Alternative for Focus, Memory & Mood Boost

Adrafinil is one of the best Provigil alternatives out there in the market right now. This nootropic supplement is basically the precursor to Modafinil, meaning that once ingested by the user, Adrafinil breaks down into smaller substrates, which when transported into the liver for further break-down will be converted into Modafinil.

In fact, Provigil was developed much later than Adrafinil, which was first manufacturer by a French company. Upon discovering methods to produce Provigil directly, Adrafinil’s popularity ceased and the production of this supplement stopped.

What made Adrafinil so popular if it is only a precursor and would not be ingested immediately & start working as quickly as Provigil? Firstly, this drug is available for purchase in the USA even without a prescription as long as you are buying them from reputable brands like ours.

This supplement works similarly to caffeine, albeit better with increasing your mental energy as well as your ability to multi-task. Upon usage, most people will find that they feel much more energetic, awake & alert, making it one of the best choices that can replace Provigil/Modafinil – all while increasing your motivation levels. The best part? Your tolerance increases only a little if at all even if you increase your dosage or frequency of which you take them.

Of course, like most other supplements or drugs, there are things that you will need to look out for. Adrafinil is ingested in the liver, and this would require enzymes for the drug to be broken down into smaller components. As such, if you take this drug too often, your liver would be overwhelmed by the increased concentration of enzymes and that could lead to liver toxicity. As such, Adrafinil is better used when you are only looking for a small boost from time to time instead of using it as a daily & long-term treatment for ADHD or narcolepsy.

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