Life ExtensionLife expectancy for Americans was about 50 years at the turn of the twentieth century. It had jumped almost 20 years forward at the beginning of 2010. While this increase may have been positive and caused by improved sanitation and availability of medical facilities, not all sorts of life extension is that way.The current focus of a bevy of scientists has been the aging process. They think that this biologically complex process can be cracked open. After all, there are also species like the American Lobster that do not age much even at 50 years old. These researchers have had to settle for extending youth rather than reversing old age.

Objections against Life Extension

While funding sources continue to pour their money into this branch of research, others raise an objection at radical life extension. Some of the opponents point their fingers at the disastrous social effects that will result due to longevity. They think the gap between the rich and the destitute will increase because of it. Others think that doing away with the time-release effect of death will keep us from accepting it when it finally does come! There are those too who think that life extension will mean continued evolution. Tinkering with aging and death as a part of natural selection will not result in anything good, they think.

Will We Ever Find the “Magic Youth Pill”?

[the_ad id=”940″]If someday we do succeed at achieving life extension, it is thought that it won’t be instantaneous like a magic pill.It will be the result of hundreds of improvements that link together to allow you a few extra years of youth. An example is dementia – age-stimulated brain wasting. Reversing or slowing dementia would be one facet of staying youthful. Maybe next on the list would be something that stops our muscles from wasting away with age.

This kind of incremental progress is evident with the development in cancer treatments. Half a decade ago, surviving 5 years after most cancer diagnoses were close to non-existent.Every year, there are trials that lead to a switching of chemotherapydrugs that are just 2 percent more effective. Just because this is done unannounced, that does not mean it is not happening. Compare the results from previous years and you will witness quite a dramatic change.

Why Aging Might Not Be Such a Good Thing

Faster rates of the population growing older than the rates at which births are taking place have become a strain on our resources. First worlds typically spend more on nursing. That is why aging might not be a positive thing just as all the results of natural selection are not.

Firstly, evolutionary biology tells us that there are genetic traits that help us survive and consequently reproducebut there have also always been trade-offs. While our bodies spent most of their time and resources on reproduction, for instance, they were not doing enough maintenance. Secondly, aging and menopause often go hand in hand. Since menopause means the end of reproductive cycle, agingis not about reproduction at all.Thus, natural selection is less likely to pay attention to genes that turn on after menopause. Therefore, while aging might be natural, itwas not selected because it was beneficial to us.

However, there is something that we might be missing and that is the fact that radical life extension might already have arrived. The first of the many proofs that point to its arrival is a longer life span. It is a result of both medical advancements, such as vaccination, and sterilization as well as, non-medical things, such as milk pasteurization and water sanitation. Before these improvements, infections claimed many lives while today, we have almost eradicated that factor.

No discussion on life extension would be complete without a mention of Gerovital GH3. Ana Aslan, a Romanian biologist and physician developed the formula for Gerovital in 1952. Among many anti-aging actions that Gerovital is responsible for, it is also involved in:

  • Cortisol overproduction inhibition during stress, which ultimately inhibits memory loss and a shortened life span
  • Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS) when the cortisol producing adrenal gland gets exhausted
  • Correction of levels of the enzyme, MAO (monoamine oxidase). Its buildup in our brains leads to depression. Gerovital is safe, mild, and a reversible MAO inhibitor.

The use of Gerovital and its effectiveness indicate that aging is not all that as the experts would have you believe.


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