Andy Grammar tweeted “for my New Year’s resolution, I think I’m gonna try to meditate everyday.”

Kourtney Kardashian wrote on her blog that she vows to “live more in the present and less on my phone.”

Christina Milan told Instyle Magazine, “I just need to work out more. I really do. I don’t work out at all. I need to fit it in.” (Looks like we aren’t the only ones who aren’t getting active enough

These are just some of Hollywood’s 2016 New Year’s resolutions. It would seem they aren’t too different from most people, aren’t we all wishing for good health and happiness in 2016?

Now that the first month of 2016 is almost over, you might be starting to slack off on those New Years Resolutions you made back on January 1st. However, now is not the time to quit! In fact, now is the time when you should push even harder to achieve your resolutions. You’re so close to making your resolutions a habit. You have probably heard people say that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but in fact, this is somewhat of a myth.  On average, it takes more than 2 months to form a habit.

Don’t let this discourage you! Instead, let it be motivation to keep going strong on your resolutions even as January winds down. Aim to not give up until at least the 2 month marker, than assess whether you want to keep going with your goal or not. Chances are, you will continue!

Rock Your New Years Resolutions like Kourtney Kardashian 1

How to Keep Your New Year Resolutions:

How to Keep Your New Year Resolutions1.    Get specific, not broad.

 If your New Years resolution is to “lose weight”, chances are you will struggle to keep this resolution.  Instead, pick something specific. Attach a number to it – such as “lose 10 pounds by June 2016”. Or attach a milestone such as “complete a mini-marathon”. Making your resolution something specific will help make it much more achievable.

2.     Break it down into smaller steps.

Break it down into smaller steps.Once you have a specific goal, don’t try to go at it full throttle. By breaking it down into smaller pieces, it’ll be easier to handle and to achieve. For example, if your goal is to start eating healthier in order to lose pounds, start by cutting out one item. You could start by committing to eating no chips for a month. The next month, cut out another item, such as take-out food.

If your goal is to run a marathon, start by going for daily walks. After a couple weeks or one month, start going for a jog two to three times a week, working your way up to going for jog every day. Small changes make it easier to develop new habits, and will make achieving your goal easier.


3.    Build a support systemBuild a support system


Having friends and family who support you will keep you motivated.  Having a friend to share healthy recipes with, or to go on jogs with, will help you stay accountable.

4.    Stay Positive

Stay Positive

You will likely encounter setbacks which may discourage you from continuing to work towards your goal. But don’t let setbacks stop you. You will face challenges but view these as learning opportunities. It’s important to stay positive and acknowledge what triggered you to stumble. Make a note of what sort of challenges you faced, was it stress that made you eat badly, or skip that workout? Was it not preparing a lunch ahead of time that made you go to the McDonalds drive thru?

5.    Stay Inspired

Stay Inspired

It’s easy to lose that inspiration that you felt back on January 1st after a couple weeks. If you start to feel yourself losing that inspiration and motivation, don’t let it go. Here are some tips to get it back:

      • Re-visit your past: think about what made you want to get healthy; what made you quit in the past and if are you on that path again. Was it a diet too strict that made you feel deprived? Were you feeling to tired and sore from workouts? Were you too busy to fit it all in?
      • Get pumped again:think about your goal; how far you’ve come, where you find the motivation in the beginning; change things up, try a new class at the local recreation center, add a new recipe into the mix.
      • Track Your Progress: regularly weighing yourself, taking measurements, testing your body fat, timing how long it takes to run 2 miles once a week and seeing your improvement over time helps to see slow changes.


new years resolutions


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