A Safe Drug to Boost Brain Power

If you’re looking for a safe drug to boost brain power or give you the edge at work or on an exam, more than likely, you’d like to find one that has no side effects. Since most medications have a list of warnings on the label, it’s unlikely you’d be able to find a powerful brain enhancing pill that doesn’t have any side effects.

The closest you may come to this is Adrafinil, a prodrug or precursor to modafinil that boasts itself of few, if any, side-effects. Not only is this drug reputed as being safe, but it is also available without prescription and cheaper to buy than modafinil.

Proceed with Caution

We all want to be smart. And smart people know that it’s wise to consider all the angles before jumping into the “brainy pool”. The other thing we need to get a clue about is that medication should be used as directed. As a first-time user, doubling the recommended dosage means you’re more apt to run into a side-effect

Cycle Adrafinil Dosages

Using Adrafinil for prolonged periods without a break is not a good idea. Because it metabolizes in the liver, it puts extra stress on the liver. To prevent liver problems, users should always cycle the Adrafinil dosage, taking it no more than 3 times per week 2 weeks in a row and then pause the dose for a full week. Further, we recommend taking Adrafinil with Liver Detox to support and detox your liver. You can also buy them together as Energy Bundle and save 10%.

Because Adrafinil’s performance is so impressive, it’s well worth looking into for most adults.

Who Benefits Most?

Research suggests that brain boosting drugs show the most improvement in those with low to average IQ’s. For this reason, University of Oxford researchers proposed that if these drugs were given to selected individuals who need them most, many of the concerns about these drugs could be alleviated.

Studies show that seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are least likely to be improved with Smart Drugs.

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