Simple Steps to Add Years to Your Life

Let’s start with sex since it’s one of the more pleasant steps you can take to add years to your life.  The medical community is taking the relationship between sex and aging more seriously these days.  In addition, there is scientific evidence that many who experience a higher frequency of orgasm also enjoy a 50% reduction in mortality.  Is it possible that due to the fact that sex and intimacy make one’s life more pleasant, it also signals the body to maintain its life forces?  The fact that sex is linked to longevity could also be because healthy people are more apt to have more frequent sex.  On the other hand, good relationships and positivity are also linked to longer life expectancies.

In addition, orgasm triggers the release of endorphins and hormones that are associated with health and vitality.  That’s besides the positive contribution of the exercise involved in having sex.  It’s also a wonderful way to de-stress.–And as we know, stress is a killer.

Go outside

Simple Steps to Add Years to Your LifeAlthough the air may not be as fresh now as it was when your mother told you to go outside and get some fresh air, going outside is still a healthy thing to do. When you go outside, you expose yourself to the sunlight. A reasonable amount of sunlight is good for you. In fact, so good that it can help to increase your life expectancy. That’s because sunlight triggers the production of natural vitamin D3.  Not only is this vitamin good for bones and teeth, but it is found to be important in heart disease, depression, diabetes, and muscle strength, etc.  Unfortunately, many people don’t get enough of this vitamin, especially in the winter.  Yet, it’s the easiest and cheapest way to improve your health and increase your life expectancy.  A mere 15 minutes a day of sunlight on your hands and face is enough to maintain sufficient vitamin D levels in the body for most people.  It’s a cheaper and better option than supplements. And, getting outside every day will also help to regulate melatonin levels that control the sleep cycle.  So, if you have sex outside or have sex and then go outside, you’ll be ahead of the aging curve.

Stay connected

Simple Steps to Add Years to Your LifeIf you want to live a long life, it’s important to maintain connections with your loved ones and friends.  Positive relationships can increase your lifespan by improving your overall health.  Being surrounded by caring people can reduce the impact of stress and anxiety on your health.  As a result, you will probably live longer.

One way of keeping relationships upbeat and positive is by telling a good story. People love stories.  It strengthens communications, and if you can throw in a laugh or two, even better.  On the other hand, it’s wise not to spend too much time with people who tend to add to your stress and negativity. Later for that.

Exercise Younger

Did you know that you can exercise yourself younger?  That’s right.  A clinical study showed that those who exercised with vigor for 3 hours per week had cells and DNA nine years younger than their peers who didn’t exercise. That’s merely 30 minutes a day.Also, consistency is important.Furthermore, exercise improves energy as well as sleep. It can be stretching, Yoga poses, free weights pressing or simply walking. So, if you have sex and then go outside for a walk with your loved one or friend, you’ll knock off the first 4 steps!

Turn Off the Television!

Now, this one may be a little harder. But, if you’re having more sex and getting outside AND spending more time with others, you may already be watching less TV, right? And, let’s face it, couch potatoes are probably cutting their life expectancy down, just by the fact that they’re inactive. Add to that all the potential junk food and you’ve got a recipe for… well, a shorter life.Watching TV for long periods can isolate you, cause you to gain weight, make you antisocial, and even add to your stress level, depending on what shows you’re watching.

Regular Screenings and Tests Can Support Longevity

Simple Steps to Add Years to Your Life - AntiAging CentralBy making sure to get medical screenings and tests, your doctor can find possible diseases from the onset when they are easier to treat.  This can add years to your life.  In fact, health screening can prevent diseases.  Once you get everything checked, you’ll eliminate any suspicions you have about your health and be able to look forward with confidence.

Dental Flossing Can Lengthen Your Life

Did you know that regular daily flossing can not only prevent gum disease, but also heart disease? That’s because flossing helps prevent inflammation in your gums which prevents bacterial infection in your mouth. Bacteria in the mouth can travel to the arteries where it can cause plaque build-up. That’s bad enough, but then the body responds by causing inflammation which narrows the arteries, making it more difficult for your heart to perform its job. This can lead to heart problems. –Something to think about while you reluctantly reach for the dental floss.

Eat Loads of Vegetables

Simple Steps to Add Years to Your LifeGenerally speaking, vegetarians eat fewer bad fats, lots more antioxidants, and are usually slimmer. The antioxidants found in organic vegetables help repair damage caused by aging. So, vegetables are like a weapon you can use to fight evil free radicals that age your body and cause wrinkles. On top of that, heart disease, which is the leading cause of death, can be brought on by plaque build-up in the arteries. Eating healthy vegetables can prevent all that, as well as prevent weight gain that comes with a fattier diet. Moreover, a healthy weight is linked to longevity.

De-stress to Add Years to Your Life

Stress can indeed shorten your life. It’s linked to all sorts of health conditions, which include cancer and heart disease. Try to avoid stressful situations and people who may cause anxiety. Remember to breathe. Deep breathing can kill stress and aid in relaxation. “Go to your happy place.”

Avoid Risks

It stands to reason that you can live longer by avoiding life-threatening risks. You may also consider smoking as a big health risk. It cuts down your lifespan by about 15 years.

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