Simply the Best – At 76 Tina Turner Inspires Us All with Her Age-Defying Youth

What’s in the celebrity news lately is the sad reality that David Bowie has passed away on January 10th, 2016 just two days after his 69th birthday from liver cancer.   While we’re all saddened by this news and reminded of his many fantastic hits that likely were playing in our homes, cars and at our parties and clubs during our younger years,  we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight a star who can thanks Bowie for some of her success.

Bowie was instrumental in helping Tina Turner secure a recording contract with Capitol Records in the early Eighties, eventually leading to the blockbuster success of 1984’s Private Dancer (where she covered his “1984”).   But we can thank Turner for giving us all more than 25 hits including Proud Mary and What’s Love Got To Do With It.

If you need some inspiration though from someone who has made it to her seventies and still looks dynamite, just watch this video of her curated by My Publicist.  It’s very well done, but most of all can show us all how to age with grace.


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