In ancient times, the people who strayed away from a group were the ones who had a difficult time surviving the elements, as opposed to those who stayed together. Even though times have changed today, everyone needs human connection.

Every human being wants to be a part of something, to belong with someone. Personal relationships are incredibly important since they protect individuals from isolation and depression. Emotional isolation also plays a crucial role in depression, which is why social support is such an important part of recovery from depression.

The main reason why support groups and networks are highly sought after and recommended to people struggling with depression is that they can help people in the following ways

  • Turn around damaging isolation
  • Generate solutions for depression management
  • Affect a person’s focus

There are lots of reasons why support groups and networks are helpful for people with depression. They provide a powerful social force, which affects the lives of people living in depression in a positive manner.

Social Connection Eliminates Sense Of Isolation

[the_ad id=”918″]Depression is something that often grows when people isolate themselves from others. This can cause you to feel worse. You may feel more alone like no one cares or relates to your struggles. Those around you do not know what you are going through when you isolate yourself, and, therefore, can’t help you.

Living in isolation whilst facing depression is dangerous, since the person cuts themselves off from society, feeling hopeless. Living in isolation can also put you at a greater risk of suicidal thoughts, and this is where social support plays such a vital role.

People are meant to be social beings and they are generally happier and live better lives when they are around other people who care about them. The isolation that you feel during depression is the thing that you have to overcome, since it can take you away from all those important relationships that you had that may help you get better. That is why you need to give a chance to support groups and networks in order to eliminate that sense of isolation during depression.

Social Networks Help You Connect With Life

A person who is suffering from depression can feel like they are slowly dying on the inside, and that is why social networks and support groups work with certain individuals to ensure that they are able to live their lives once again. They help rescue you from the life of isolation, and help you cope with depression in a healthier manner.

Support people are the ones who will forcibly break down the walls of isolation that your depression has created for you and will ensure that your isolation isn’t prolonged. That is the true power of social support groups and networks.


At Antiaging Central, we carry several products that can help you deal with depression and stress. 

1. Aniracetam: known to treat symptoms like restlessness, sadness, fatigue and loss of interest.

2. GH3: The positive effect of GH3 on depression is well documented. It works by normalizing the level of the enzyme Monoamine Oxidase, more commonly known as MAO. The increase of MAO levels is another aging effect because as it increases it reduces other important substances which relate to youth and vitality. Individuals with high MAO levels often suffer from depression or a general loss of interest in life.

Have you ever been in a support group for depression? Did you find it helpful? 



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