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Honest Abe Enjoyed a Good Laugh

“Gentlemen, why don’t you laugh?” asked Abraham Lincoln, during the civil war, “With the fearful strain that is upon me day and night, if I did not laugh, I should die and you need this medicine as much as I do.”

Have you ever laughed until it hurt? When was the last time you experienced a good, old-fashioned belly bumper? We use the acronym “LOL” quite often these days. But, how often do we actually laugh out loud?

“Happy” Chemicals

Why should we laugh? There are lots of good reasons to laugh. The act of laughing triggers the release of a cocktail of “happy” chemicals that boosts the immune system’s defense to ward off viruses, disease and even cancer. Every heartily felt laugh produces  endorphins, serotonin, HGH (human growth hormone), NK cells, IFN (interferon-gamma) and an array of beneficial substances.

Laughter —The Stress-Buster

Though some of us feel that laughing is not very dignified, stress is far more harmful for one’s self-esteem. Stress is a slow killer that can possibly lead to depression. It wreaks havoc biologically, destroys creativity and isolates people from each other. It is so rampant in our society that it cannot be ignored.

How Laughter Busts Stress:

  • Triggers Chemicals that Boost Anti-Viral and Anti-Tumor Defenses
  • Diminishes the Secretion of Cortisol and Epinephrine
  • Boosts Secretion of HGH, Promoting Youthfulness
  • Releases Endorphins, a Natural Opiate
  • Stimulates Feelings of Caring and Forgiveness
  • Creates a Positive State of Well-Being
  • Increases Self-Confidence

A burst of laughter allows a free flow of emotions, dislodging the suppressed feelings which can cause physical, mental and emotional problems and stress. Therefore, it’s the best medicine you can apply. Laughing stimulates circulation, relaxes the muscles and reduces some of the physical symptoms of stress. As a result, you’ll experience less tension and anxiety after a rousing giggle, accompanied by a state of peace. Laughter is the natural remedy for stress and all its adverse effects.

Maybe it’s time to enjoy a good comedy. Hopefully, when we’ll realize the importance of laughing, we’ll try to get more of a kick out of life. In conclusion, share a few jokes. Seriously.[the_ad id=”953″]

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