There is, rising among us, a powerful society of super elite achievers who have discovered a (legal) new way to get “the edge”. Where others are struggling and barely coping, these go-getters are pushing ahead with energy to spare, head and shoulders above the competition. So, what gives them the advantage of focus and alertness while others are suffering from brain fog?

Advanced scientific research has swiftly changed the landscape of medical neuro-science so that substances that used to be banned are now available to the public in safe supplement form. Now, it’s possible to get nootropic “smart drugs” even without a prescription.

Meet Adrafinil

Those who take great lengths to maintain optimal health with supplements and regular work-outs have found a health supplement for their most important “muscle” –their brain. People on shift-work, parents juggling office hours with home-making, professionals who put in extra-long days – all are reaching for something new, something more effective than a cup (or three) of coffee to wake them up and keep them running.

Adrafinil supports optimal brain function that lasts all day long without the nervous buzz of caffeine.

The Same Effect as Modafinil or Provigil

Adrafinil, the ultimate focus and attention nootropic, is a prodrug supplement that has the same effect as Modafinil or Provigil except that it’s milder and works faster. Adrafinil is a premium nootropic supplement to promote wakefulness during the day. It is an effective cognitive enhancer and has been shown to promote energy and focus.


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