Tips For Getting Active And Boosting Vitality

The Golden Years

They say that the definition of retirement is: “First you’re tired of working. Then you’re tired of not.” But, that’s a negative take on what most of us look forward to with joyous anticipation. It’s time for you, now. Your new career awaits. It’s called “Party Time”!

We may experience a few changes as we mature, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life to the fullest. Staying healthy is important at any age. Add to that a positive attitude and —you’re golden.[the_ad id=”1390″]

So, you got a few more white hairs. That’s a little extra panache. Wrinkles? No worries, they just bonify your wisdom. Your kids have left and you have “empty nest syndrome”? Take advantage of that space while you’re waiting for the grandkids to arrive. (If no grandchildren are on the horizon, you could get a dog.)


How you roll with the punches and adapt to change will determine your level of happiness which also affects your health. Staying happy greatly increases your chances of staying healthy. As we pass through each upcoming landmark, we can be excited to discover what’s on the horizon. There’s always something new to learn and do.

By staying interested in people and being active and connected to your community and loved ones, you won’t have time to worry about the future. There’s no sense fearing things that haven’t happened yet and may never happen. Choose faith over fear and face your future with boldness. You are stronger than you think.[the_ad id=”953″]


You may feel that you are no longer in control of many things in your life. The truth is, we never were in control, even if we thought we were. Many things in life are beyond our control. We may not be able to control external events, but we can control our own reaction to events.

Accepting things makes life much easier. It cuts down on stressful emotions and frustration. Try a healthy dose of humor instead. After all, life is pretty hilarious if you think about it.

That’s not to say we should always sweep problems under the carpet. Ask for help when needed. Give someone else a chance to step up to the plate. They would love to help.

Find Activities You Enjoy

Nobody’s too old to have fun. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to it? Well, now’s the time. It’s only dogs that can’t learn new tricks. Humans can. Many of the world’s greatest artists and authors got a late start on their careers but they made up for lost time. Some dancers continue their dancing right on into their 80’s and some centenarians love bowling. More than likely, the socializing and activity is what keeps them feeling young.

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