How To Treat Symptoms of Depression

Everyone is different and everyone handles life events differently. One thing you can do to start helping yourself, or others in need, is to look at things from a global view. For example, understanding how your depression behaviors could be having a negative effect on others. This may seem silly at first, but the strength you can gain from seeing your behavior from another point of view can be quite eye-opening. So, learning “How To Treat Symptoms of Depression” can be your number 1 step in the right direction.

Depression Test

Here is a really quick and easy way to see if you are truly dealing with depression. Again, remember, we are just trying to understand things from a “Global View” first.

Find the depression test here.

Find the depression anxiety stress test here.

Depression Medications

There are tons of depression medications on the market today. Some are prescription based and you can find the list here.

Medications for Depression

There are also several supplements for dealing with depression that do not require prescriptions. One of those medications is called Adrafinil and has shown massive improvements across the subject groups.

Although Adrafinil may not exactly be bottled sunshine, it can certainly get you pointed in the right direction. All of us have to find our own inner happiness. But, once in a while, some of us may need a little boost to get over the hump. It helps to have a weapon in our arsenal to pull out when it’s most needed.

Mind Over Matter

They say it’s all in your head. Whether that’s true or not, increasing your cognitive performance does wonders for your mood. Adrafinil lifts your mood along with your energy and focus. Like caffeine, it can perk you right up. Unlike caffeine, the Adrafinil boost keeps on going when coffee has run out, but without the buzz or jitteriness of coffee. That focused energy and alertness keeps on going so smoothly, you’ll hardly believe that it’s not you.

People who take Adrafinil are better able to concentrate and get things done. It motivates them to cut through all the red tape and distractions and get down to the nitty gritty. Adrafinil is a great go-to for times when you have a pressing dead-line, an important exam to nail, extended work hours or you need a long stretch of intense focus.

The Importance of Cycling Dosage

Adrafinil is a prodrug of Modafinil. That means it metabolizes into Modafinil in the liver. For some people, this added stress on the liver is not good. The amount of stress is no more than what one would experience with a glass of wine. Still, it does increase the production of liver enzymes.

Whether or not your liver is healthy, it’s highly recommended to cycle Adrafinil dosage. Another reason for this is because it can lose its effectiveness when taken continually. Side effects are more apt to crop up with continual use. Additionally, your body will require a larger dosage to experience the same results. Therefore, we recommend taking Adrafinil only 3 times in a week and only 2 weeks in a row. Then, you should take a break for at least a week before returning to the 3 dosages per week schedule.

Not Before Bedtime

News flash: never take Adrafinil before going to bed! That’s a big no-no. You may be a person who can drink a cup of coffee and sleep like a baby. That’s not going to happen with this nootropic. It will keep you awake all night. Keeping people awake is what it does best. In fact, it will keep you awake better than almost any supplement found on the market today.

That’s one reason we suggest taking it before waking in the morning. Method: Put a glass of water on your night stand along with your dosage of Adrafinil. Set the alarm an hour before your desired wake up time, take an Adrafinil and go back to sleep. When it kicks in, this gentle nootropic will wake you up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for a full, busy day. No time for depression.

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