Treat Symptoms of Procrastination without Caffeine

The Caffeine Addiction

If you’re addicted to caffeine, you are not alone. Not only is there a coffee shop on most every corner, we’re surrounded by energy drinks that are overloaded with caffeine. Furthermore, what goes up must eventually come down. For every brief period of increased energy and alertness, there is an inevitable crash. No wonder so many of us are grouchy.

Here are 8 alternatives to caffeine to try to treat symptoms of procrastination.


The “drop nap” is a condensed version of the power nap. The idea is to fall asleep long enough to wake up with a burst of adrenaline. Done properly, the drop nap will give you enough of a boost to get through the last few hours of work. How is it done? Sit in a comfortable chair, preferably with your feet up. Make sure you are holding something in your hand that will make a loud noise when it hits the floor. Keys would work. Before dozing off, position your hand so that the object will land on the floor and not on a soft surface. Once you fall asleep, your hand will automatically release the object which should drop noisily to the floor, waking you up with a boost of alertness.


It may surprise you to know that you can gain a lot of energy with a few stretches. Changing the position of your muscles and giving them a real stretch can do wonders. You body will release toxins and blood will flow into your extremities until your head will feel clearer.


Line up a few little creative or personal projects to zoom in on for a short amount of time. This should help to break up any monotony and help get your brain back in gear to get to work on less stimulating things.


Playing a strategy game can stimulate brainpower to keep you going. It’s a fun way to take an alertness break and switch your focus for a change.


Phoning a friend may not help you win a million dollars, but if you call a friend for a short conversation during a break, the connection can stir up some of that lost motivation.


Water is important to maintain alertness and productivity. We should replace the water that we lose. (The average adult loses about a liter per day through the skin and breathing, etc.) That doesn’t include urine. For your brain to run smoothly, 8 ounces of water 8 times a day is the minimal requirement.


Try to engage in an activity that boosts the heart rate for a few minutes. Blast your lethargy.


Adrafinil does not contain caffeine but it will give you a boost. In addition, Adrafinil will provide a natural feeling supply of jitter-free energy that lasts all day long!

Try these alternatives before reaching for that 6th cup of coffee.  You may not kick the caffeine habit, but it might be possible to cut down a little.

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